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Specifically designed for adventure teams we have optimised performance, weight, and safety making hike-and-fly, vol bivouac, and big XCs easier.

Extra water, food or wine could make up for the almost 1.1kg of weight we have skimmed off the DUAL (without losing much durability). With a mix of carefully allocated 27, 34, and 40 gram cloth the EN-B certified DUAL LITE feels like its parent – power steering, loads of feedback, and efficient characteristics.


If you have a lightweight tent (for two), two -10 degree sleeping bags, a gas burner, a couple of reversible harnesses, a GPS tracker and two flexible jobs, the DUAL LITE is for you. The DUAL LITE is designed specifically for adventurous teams. Its performance, safety, and weight have been optimised for long vol-bivouac flights and hike-and-fly.


The DUAL LITE helps convince people that paragliding is a convenient, adventurous sport. Whether it is a simple hike-and-fly or a long vol-bivouac expedition the DUAL LITE delivers. Like the DUAL, the DUAL LITE is a wing that has a very clean leading edge (Cord Cut Billow) making the low cell count (50 cells) feasible thus reducing the weight, line consumption and complexity of the paraglider. The DUAL LITE really benefits from the DUAL’s renowned light handling. Its launching characteristics even surprised me – the wing floats up with very little effort from the pilot.



Technical Data

Minimum Weight (kg)120
Maximum Weight (kg)220
Glider Weight (kg)6.40
Number of Cells52
Projected Area (m^2)34.30
Flat Area (m^2)40.00
Projected Span (m)11.50
Flat Span (m)15.60
Projected Aspect Ratio3.90
Flat Aspect Ratio5.30
Root Chord (m)3.50

BGD Dual Lite


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