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Bounce from one flying style to another, with an ECHO.

A resonance of the EPIC with a stripped-down line-set and a lighter mix of materials, the ECHO shaves 500-700g while offering extra performance and versatility for no compromise in safety.

As with the rest of the BGD range, the ECHO benefits from Bruce’s trademark sharp, easy handling. 3D CCB panel-shaping means a clean, high-performing aerofoil while lighter weight means less inertia, reduced shooting and increased roll stability.

Our strong shark nose adds stability to the leading edge at all speeds, and a silky-smooth Ronstan ball-bearing speed system keeps bar-action smooth on those long flights. The ECHO offers clear feedback with a relaxed feel in active air, and epic performance for its class!


The ECHO is THE all-rounder in our range, created for just-out-of training newbies, avid hike-and-flyers, cross-country pilots, world travellers, soarers, vol-et -skiers, wagga/soaring dudes and vol-bivouacers. With a solid blend of performance and no-stress safety the pilot who loves every kind of paragliding will find one wing does it all with this little lightweight package. Stripped-down, open-minded, and dressed to impress, the ECHO will please every pilot it floats over!


L, M, ML, S, XS

Technical Data

Minimum Weight (kg)50607590105
Maximum Weight (kg)658095110125
Glider Weight (kg)3.703.904.204.404.70
Number of Cells4242424242
Projected Area (m^2)17.9019.6021.2022.8024.50
Flat Area (m^2)21.0023.0025.0026.8028.90
Projected Span (m)8.008.408.809.109.40
Flat Span (m)10.2010.7011.2011.6012.00
Projected Aspect Ratio3.603.603.603.603.60
Flat Aspect Ratio5.
Root Chord (m)2.602.702.802.903.00

BGD Echo


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Product Attributes

Lightweight / Hike & Fly

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