Take the leap and discover that feeling of freedom

Scoring top marks for safety, the Magic Motor is EN-A and DGAC certified for free-flight and paramotoring. A low-stress wing it’s simple to launch and very roll stable. Its intuitive handling, fun-factor and performance mean it’s ready when you are to expand your boundaries, head off cross-country and explore the world.

Learning to fly can be tough on a wing, so we made the Magic Motor from durable materials. The top surface is Porcher Skytex 38, and the sheathed lines and 20mm risers are easy to sort and handle. The trimmers on the paramotor risers can be opened up for extra speed during powered flight. They should remain closed for free-flight, to comply with the EN-A certification.


‘Groundlessness’ in Buddhism refers to the fact that nothing is fixed: in life, in our experiences, in ourselves. We are constantly changing, shifting. Embracing this groundlessness can open our minds to discovery of new experiences. Like flying. Literally becoming groundless for a time, and the unimaginable freedom this leads to!

The Magic Motor is the perfect wing to accompany pilots in this discovery, to quell the apprehension and promote the sense of freedom. But it’s not just for first steps. It is a safe and versatile partner to continue to explore the possibilities on: fly with a motor, or without; stay local or go XC and explore further afield. The Magic Motor is an easy, safe and versatile wing for soon-to-be pilots or veterans, for paramotoring and free flying.


It takes a reassuring glider to make a student feel comfortable enough to add power. The Magic Motor’s inflation and gentle feedback offer this reassurance, on launch, in the air and for the landing. Extra stability in the arc with just the right amount of responsiveness keeps things feeling natural. Spiral stability can be a problem with low aspect-ratio beginner wings, but the Magic Motor has astounding spiral behaviour! We have tested it extensively with different inclinations and sink rates, and it has never stayed in a spiral. This is very unusual for a school glider and is a big safety bonus. The brake travel to the stall point is long (72cm) so pilots won’t accidentally stall or spin the wing either. The Magic Motor will bring that feeling of freedom to whoever flies it.


L, M, ML, S, XS

Technical Data

Glider NameMagic MotorMagic MotorMagic MotorMagic MotorMagic Motor
Min Weight (kg)50607588100
Max Weight (kg)708095108125
Single Surface-----
Number of Cells4040404040
Glider Weight (kg)4.604.805.105.305.70
Projected Area (m2)17.8019.2021.2022.9024.60
Flat Area (m2)21.0023.0025.0027.0029.00
Projected Span (m)7.908.308.609.009.30
Flat Span (m)10.1010.5011.0011.4011.80
Projected Aspect Ratio3.503.503.503.503.50
Flat Aspect Ratio4.704.704.904.704.70

BGD Magic Motor

Product Attributes


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