XCHORD is a top level EN D two-liner with an A.R. close to 7 for high level international competitions and for XC experts.

XCHORD’s unique design was born during long and difficult R&D testing. The results are the unique versatility, brilliant performance and breathtaking stability. Yes, the XCHORD is so stable that you may use 100% of its performance even when the air gets rough. This glider remains docile and predictable in almost every situation you may encounter during aggressive XC or comp flying. The combination of speed and glide the XCHORD provides is one of the best in its class, making XCHORD a very strong rival in competition.

Another strong point of XCHORD is its thermal efficiency. The mix of very low sink rate and efficient control allows you to stay up when almost everything is going down.

How did we achieve this? One (but not the only!) trick was a thorough optimization of aerodynamics using computational fluid dynamics methods, allowing us to reduce drag to a minimum and to achieve a perfect balance. Also we created our own version of the famous shark nose which has increased stability and improves floatability.

XCHORD: maximal performance with minimal risks.


L, M, ML, S

Glider NameXChordXChordXChordXChord
Min Weight (kg)758595105
Max Weight (kg)95105115125
Single Surface----
Number of Cells82828282
Glider Weight (kg)5.305.706.306.40
Projected Area (m2)18.6319.5321.1922.75
Flat Area (m2)21.7522.8024.7526.55
Projected Span (m)18.6319.5321.1922.75
Flat Span (m)12.3612.6613.1913.66
Projected Aspect Ratio5.445.445.445.44
Flat Aspect Ratio6.956.956.956.95

Davinci XChord

Product Attributes

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