Perfect blend of comfort and performance

Our passion for the development of XC gliders has moved us one step closer to the world of high EN-B wings. A big leap forward towards the creation of another Drift glider Hawk. After thorough testing of the glider’s stability, fine tuning in terms of handling and comparison of peak performance made us certain about the Hawk’s qualities.

Who is this glider for

Hawk is a great match for a wide range of pilots. It is ideal for pilots who want to perform well without compromising the passive safety. If you are interested in flying long distances, Hawk will be a choice you will not regret. It will allow you to have a long pleasant flight in any conditions thanks to its optimised construction and forgiving nature.

Although this wing is not exactly suitable for beginners, one season of active flying should be enough for you to be able to fly Hawk comfortably. But don’t be fooled! This does not mean that more experienced pilots will be bored with it, because the glider is immensely communicative, responsive and fun to fly.

Main features and qualities

Hawk features three 3D spatial seams on the canopy, which prevent unwanted wrinkles on the leading edge, and is equipped with mini-ribs on the back of the trailing edge, which ensure better handling.

The leading edge of Hawk is reinforced with strategically placed inlet openings to increase internal pressure and extend the range of the brakes. This Beak, as we call it, tremendously helps the pilot to perform well and feel safe and stable.

Drift puts a lot of effort into minimizing aerodynamic drag. Thanks to the optimized lines layout system Hawk has only 243 meters of lines (size M), which were cleverly chosen in order to improve durability and gliding performance.

Hawk is equipped with a cutting edge Rear Riser Control technology, which offers precise control over your wing. This system allows a 2-liner style control without losing the passive safety of a 3-liner glider.

Drift uses durable and lightweight materials on all of its gliders and Hawk is no exception. Hawk with ultra light risers weights only 3,95 kg (size M), which makes it an ideal glider for Hike & Fly adventures. Standard risers are 230 g heavier.

What makes Hawk better than other wings? A superb climbing ability. We are more than excited how the wing behaves in thermals and outperforms its competition. Effortlessness, efficiency and immediate feedback from the glider will be the main feelings you will have during the flights. You will feel secure and confident as well. Hawk’s responsiveness will make you fall in love with being synchronized with your wing all the time.


L, M, S, XL, XS, XXS

Glider NameHawkHawkHawkHawkHawkHawk
Min Weight (kg)5057708295108
Max Weight (kg)657892105119133
Single Surface------
Number of Cells575757575757
Glider Weight (kg)3.053.353.653.954.254.65
Projected Area (m2)16.2718.4220.2722.0023.8025.89
Flat Area (m2)19.1021.6823.7525.8027.9030.40
Projected Span (m)8.388.929.369.7510.1410.57
Flat Span (m)10.0811.2311.7812.2712.7613.31
Projected Aspect Ratio4.324.324.324.324.324.32
Flat Aspect Ratio5.805.805.805.805.805.80

Drift Hawk

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