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The Flow PANORAMA is our EN B rated tandem paraglider.  A glider made to share the stoke and freedom paragliding often delivers. Panorama will help you take your flight companion to that once “intangible realm” called “the dream of flight”. Easier than ever.

We took attention to the flying characteristics of all flying phases. Especially the handling, which is precise and direct with great authority. Launching is remarkably easy in both nil wind and strong wind. Landing is stress-free with great retention of energy to a perfect flare at landing.

We keep receiving great feedback from pilots around the world about its climbing ability and remarkably easy handling and playful nature in thermals. Panorama is a great climber and will ofter outclimb other gliders in solo wings.

Launching, Flying and landing resemble the feel of a solo wing. Light brake pressure is noticeable in the entire weight range.

Flow panorama has easy to use trimmers which offer 110mm of travel.

The combination of double coated Porcher Skytex 32g and 38g on top and 32g on the bottom surface is the most durable and light option available in the market today. We have opted for this combination as a non-compromise approach giving the Panorama great durability and above all an awesome handling.

PANORAMA 32 is a new addition to our range and it delives the same qualities, construction and the sweet handling found on the bigger sizes. The 32 was designed mainly for use in strong winds. We have kept the same clip in weight-range as the 39 but due to the higher wing-loading, the 32 can and is desigend to be flown in much stronger winds.

The Panorama 32 is also suitable for smaller pilots and the perfomance is outstanding in both climb and glide. The sweet stop for thermic flights on the 32 is 130-150kgs


32, 39, 41

Technical Data

Minimum Weight (kg)110110120
Maximum Weight (kg)190190220
Glider Weight (kg)6.306.606.70
Number of Cells545454
Projected Area (m^2)27.8533.1535.30
Flat Area (m^2)32.5038.5041.15
Projected Span (m)10.5011.4011.80
Flat Span (m)13.6014.5014.90
Projected Aspect Ratio3.903.903.90
Flat Aspect Ratio5.405.405.40
Root Chord (m)

Flow Panorama


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