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Possibly the only speedriding wing you’ll ever need

The Nano 4: simple, easy and fun. The Nano is suitable for a broad range of speedriding practice. The larger sizes are great for beginners, whereas the smaller sizes can offer more experienced riders an adrenaline-filled experience.

From the pioneers of speedriding

The Nano was the first ever speedriding wing in 2005, introducing thousands of pilots to the sport. The Nano 4 retains the accessible character of the original wing, whilst offering more speed and a better glide.

As accessible as ever

The Nano 4 is easy to inflate, solid in flight and offers a progressive and precise reaction to your control inputs. Due to the enhanced damping, the wing feels more stable during riding.

Performance or speed, you decide

Compared to its predecessors, the Nano 4 has an improved glide, handy when you need to glide out from the terrain. The wing also has a bigger dive with greater energy retention and the longer trimmers allow a higher max speed. So with trimmers open, you can fly steeper lines and have even more fun!


  • Optimized airfoil for slalom and downhill
  • Fabric selected for ideal compromise between durability and water proof: Silicon coated 41 g/m² front top and bottom

10.5, 12, 13.5, 9

Technical Data

Minimum Weight (kg)50505050
Maximum Weight (kg)140140140140
Glider Weight (kg)2.252.452.652.85
Number of Cells19191919
Projected Area (m^2)7.749.0310.3111.60
Flat Area (m^2)9.0010.5012.0013.50
Projected Span (m)4.705.085.435.76
Flat Span (m)5.776.236.667.07
Projected Aspect Ratio2.862.862.862.86
Flat Aspect Ratio3.703.703.703.70
Root Chord (m)1.821.972.102.23

Gin Nano 4


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