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KIWI is your loyal companion for fun and educational ground handling – also when wind conditions are demanding.


For all pilots, beginners or professionals, who want to improve their abilities in a playful way. With fun and motion in the fresh air you can improve your start handling or simulate glider deformations realistically on safe ground, since the Kiwi is a complete, airworthy glider.


The KIWI convinces through its unique launch behaviour with no wind but also with wind speeds of over 40 km/h. It can be corrected and steered very well with the back risers. The KIWI has a very decisive advantage towards the common gliders due to its small area when ground handling: The canopy can be controlled much easier and with stronger winds your general start handling and/or other tricks can be improved. Even when the wind blows heavily the packing and the laying out of the KIWI is uncomplicated at all times due to its few lines and the clear construction of the riser and the canopy. The KIWI offers a safe feeling and a great opportunity to improve in your favourite sport against all odds.



Minimum Weight (kg)50
Maximum Weight (kg)150
Glider Weight (kg)3.30
Number of Cells36
Projected Area (m^2)12.40
Flat Area (m^2)15.00
Projected Span (m)6.67
Flat Span (m)8.74
Projected Aspect Ratio3.58
Flat Aspect Ratio5.10
Root Chord (m)0.00

Icaro Kiwi


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