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The NIKITA 5 is the fifth generation constructed and developed from the Know-How of our professionals. Precision and clarity is the motto. This Acro wing fulfills all your requirements.


The NIKITA 5 is the perfect instrument for talented freestyle pilots and pilots who want to move to the next level.  In the lower weight range NIKITA 5 gives you enough time to decide for the next maneuver and achieve the maximum out of your maneuvers in the upper weight range as Acro professional.


Stable and forgiving in the Rhythmic – Infinity and Anti-rhythmic manoeuvres, which are performed by the NIKITA 5 roundly, harmonically and without any hard blows. Short steering ways enable fast changes from one maneuver to the next.
At all Helicopter-transition manoeuvres the wing turns willingly without remaining hanging. The NIKITA 5 stays extremely stable in Helicopter and only needs to be corrected slightly. The rotation speed in Helicopter is fast and thanks to the new valves in the cross ports a Twister can be induced by the pilot in seconds. The brake pressure is medium-hard, very precise and very noticeable when cutting off. This enables the pilot to induce a purposefully and abrupt stall. New-school-manoeuvres like Misty-Reverse, Joker, Cork screw etc… were never so easy to fly.


17, 18, 20

Minimum Weight (kg)608090
Maximum Weight (kg)85105115
Glider Weight (kg)5.205.405.80
Number of Cells505050
Projected Area (m^2)14.3015.1016.80
Flat Area (m^2)17.0018.0020.00
Projected Span (m)7.707.908.35
Flat Span (m)9.8010.1010.60
Projected Aspect Ratio4.204.204.20
Flat Aspect Ratio5.605.605.60
Root Chord (m)

Icaro Nikita5


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