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Sitta is our ultra-light hike & fly glider, that not only will be a loyal companion on many of your mountain hikings, it will also enrich your mountain flights in every way.


The ultralight glider SITTA, the Hike & Fly reversible harness APUS and the rescue system SQUARE 115 is the perfect match for your next mountain tour and the ensuing flight.


The Sitta is perfect for Hike & Fly enthusiasts who look for an easy, safe but also lively glider.Climbers, Mountaineers and leisure pilots will love the light weight Sitta with its small packing volume.


The unique thermal characteristics of the Aquila is also the basis for the Sitta. The combination out of the thermal profile, the simple line geometry and the feather light canopy ensures an effortless start even when weather conditions are demanding.

The Sitta does not overshoot in strong wind and is also very compact in turbulent air. The handling is extremely precise and covers therefore many pilots expectations: Either flying a nice soft glide over the valleys or playfully climbing into the thermals with other pilots.


18, 20, 22

Minimum Weight (kg)657580
Maximum Weight (kg)9095105
Glider Weight (kg)3.303.503.70
Number of Cells363636
Projected Area (m^2)15.2017.0018.70
Flat Area (m^2)18.0020.0022.00
Projected Span (m)7.608.008.40
Flat Span (m)9.6010.1010.60
Projected Aspect Ratio3.803.803.80
Flat Aspect Ratio5.105.105.10
Root Chord (m)

Icaro Sitta


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