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The new Air-Taxi² comes up with a huge weight range from 135 to 235 kg. Particularly noteworthy are its fantastic launch and flare characteristics as well as a new trimmer clasp, which allows continuous and smooth adjustment. These features make Air-Taxi² the perfect companion for both commercial and non-commercial tandem pilots.

The tandem paraglider Air-Taxi²

Many detail improvements of Air-Taxi², compared to its predecessor, don’t only appear in its design and technical data, but clearly emerge as you fly!

Although the surface of Air-Taxi² has increased by almost 3m², the use of the new Domenico 20D with double coating reduced the weight by 0.8 kg. The thereby improved launch behaviour is already noticeable when running: The surprisingly short launch distance even at maximum weight and the very low launch speed simplify that process considerably.

Once airborne a solid flight sensation and smooth handling immediately become apparent. Air-Taxi² sensitively plays out the climb, no matter if in weak or strong thermals. Its high top speed at open trimmers and at the same time highest stability guarantees additional safety over a huge weight and wind range.

The flare behaviour has been improved considerably by various optimisations of the canopy – gentle landings become as easy as ABC.

Whether in commercial or private use, Air-Taxi² inspires with its characteristics and gives pilot and passenger time for the most important thing when airborne: having fun!

  • Optimised canvas tension due to modern software
  • High-performance thermal aerofoil with extremely high constancy, especially at high speed – achieved by newly-designed reinforcements in the leading edge
  • Newly designed trimmer clasp for smooth, nonwearing use
  • Light and durable material: strudy Domenico 30D for the front upper canvas and double-coated Domenico 20D with optimised fabric structure
  • Efficient, clearly labelled and colour marked risers

L, M

Minimum Weight (kg)130135
Maximum Weight (kg)220235
Glider Weight (kg)7.807.10
Number of Cells5252
Projected Area (m^2)33.6935.93
Flat Area (m^2)39.0041.80
Projected Span (m)0.0011.79
Flat Span (m)14.3914.88
Projected Aspect Ratio0.003.87
Flat Aspect Ratio5.295.30
Root Chord (m)0.000.00

Independence Air-Taxi²


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