Enjoy your DAYTONA flights! The latest wing out of the ITV R&D department.

Pleasure, ease of use and safety define its traits.
An evolving wing made without compromise and designed to accompany you all throughout your progression curve. Its new FULL REFLEX profile provides unmatched stability and safety, making it manageable and playful regardless of the trims setting.

More than just a basic wing, the DAYTONA encompasses the sum of ITV’s expertise with the latest technological improvements and 40 years of design experience to support it. It was built out of the best materials found on today’s market to achieve exemplary durability.

The DAYTONA, in its initial configuration, presents simplified risers to facilitate your takeoffs, flights and landings. Its speed range is suitable to all pilot levels.

The kit EVO will transform and turn your DAYTONA into a faster more playful wing! Adding more usable trim length, an accelerator, and the possibility of 2D steering like the champions!

Start, Progress, Evolve with peace of mind under the DAYTONA!


21, 23, 26, 29, 32

Technical Data

Glider NameDaytona (motor)Daytona (motor)Daytona (motor)Daytona (motor)Daytona (motor)
Min Weight (kg)507085100120
Max Weight (kg)120135155175190
Single Surface-----
Number of Cells4949494949
Glider Weight (kg)5.205.505.806.106.50
Projected Area (m2)-----
Flat Area (m2)21.0023.0026.0029.0030.00
Projected Span (m)-----
Flat Span (m)10.1910.7011.4012.0012.60
Projected Aspect Ratio-----
Flat Aspect Ratio4.954.954.954.954.95

ITV Daytona (motor)

Product Attributes


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