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Easy Speedriding and so much more!

The FIZZ 2 is the new generation of the easy Speedriding glider from Level Wings. The concept that unites easiness and improve towards the best levels in Speedriding has been expanded!

We worked to make this wing easier for beginners, but also to go further in gaining technics of real Freeride in Speedriring, which is the historical essence of the sport.

The FIZZ 2 is developed to unite easiness and advancement towards the best levels in Speedriding. It is compact, easier to start, more solid to turbulence and even more resistant to de-loading while riding, bringing the wing truly one with the rider. Inlets have been improved for better internal pressure at tips, arc is updated too.

Easy to learn…

The FIZZ 2 was made to minimize the control actions. It is easy to operate, basic to control, and forgives imprecise movements. The 2 risers setup makes it simple to operate in any situations, so you can concentrate to get familiar with the ride and develop your senses. A large brake range gives for ultimate control over the wing. This is our favorite wing for School Pilots to the everyday Speedrider. You can progress at your pace to be a great Speedriding pilot with the FIZZ 2 !

And a lot more !

Indeed, the FIZZ 2 doesn’t limit the pilot through the learning process, and is your riding partner for some of the biggest lines you can find while offering a big ski-ability, still remaining forgiving but precise, opening the way to more technics. A wider trim range allows you to ride steeper slopes or attack the terrain flying over with pure full power. You’ll be skillful with he FIZZ 2 !


A large choice in sizes gives you a clear choice for fitting your goals and level all along your progression towards the top. You become a better Speedrider with the FIZZ 2… That’s a fact! Have fun, good rides !

Speedflying and ground-handling


Developed for Speedriding progression, the FIZZ 2 is also well adapted to safe beginnings in Speedflying, for instance with the big sizes on appropriate spots.
The FIZZ 2 will give you fun at Ground-training in summer winds,
to level-up your skills for other flying practices as Speedflying, mini-wings,
paragliding !

@levelwings ! Made by riders for riders

The specific concept of short lines introduced by Level Wings on its Speedriding wings Aims to minimize parasital pendular and inertial reactions of the wing during your ride in order to free up the direct piloting ( and fun !) while you make happen your best lines and goals.
The « median lateral position » of your hands allows globally the wing to follow you gently when you ski. This happy medium of your touch on handles could be perceived as lower on our speedriding gliders than on other kind of gliders such as skydiving, miniwings of paragliders that have not the same piloting schemes.
The median lateral position is made to ease your balance at skiing and piloting. Not too high as you use all vertical height of your body when you ski, and not too low (!) to keep all necessary brake range for the wing manoeuvrability.
Paying attention to this feeling at first run of your wing will enlighten and confirm the confidence and the potential it offers you : The pure sense of freedom on the snow and in the air !

10, 11.5, 13, 14.3, 8.5

Minimum Weight (kg)5050505050
Maximum Weight (kg)120120120120120
Glider Weight (kg)1.721.922.122.232.35
Number of Cells1919191919
Projected Area (m^2)
Flat Area (m^2)8.5010.0011.5013.0014.30
Projected Span (m)
Flat Span (m)5.505.906.306.707.00
Projected Aspect Ratio2.602.602.602.602.60
Flat Aspect Ratio3.503.503.503.503.50
Root Chord (m)

Level Fizz 2


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