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Developed from the ground up to be the most intuitive and accessible speedwing on the market. Specifically tailored for ease of use and for pilots of all levels – from school speedflying instruction to advanced speedriding descents.

High stability and passive safety in turbulence coupled with an extremely progressive brake travel provide comfort and a wide margin of safety. Pilots new to the sport or experienced pilots looking for a stress free wing will benefit from the confidence the FIZZ inspires.

The FIZZ is designed to provide the pilot with the most intuitive level of handling possible. Progressive response to brake inputs allows for stable flight and precision without twitchy or unstable flight behaviour.

The profile and construction allow the wing to remain controllable throughout turbulence with an exceptional level of passive safety. Roll and pitch remain neutral even when flown through rough air, allowing all levels of pilot to manage remain in control.

An extensive range of sizes gives pilots the flexibility to choose the perfect wing to match your experience, goals and weight range. A simple riser and line layout is optimised for ease of use with lines developed for longevity in harsh environments and when using skis.


10, 11.5, 13, 14.3, 8.5

Minimum Weight (kg)5050505050
Maximum Weight (kg)120120120120120
Glider Weight (kg)1.721.922.122.232.35
Number of Cells190000
Projected Area (m^2)
Flat Area (m^2)8.5010.0011.5013.0014.30
Projected Span (m)
Flat Span (m)5.505.906.306.707.00
Projected Aspect Ratio2.602.602.602.602.60
Flat Aspect Ratio3.503.503.503.503.50
Root Chord (m)

Level Fizz


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