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The FLAME LIGHT was developed under the concept of a light weight but durable and easy to use wing – main lines stay sheathed and 12mm webbing risers allow for precise handling and manipulations in tight launches even when fatigued or while wearing thick gloves  – A wing with the glide and soaring potential of a paraglider, but the handling, roll and dive characteristics, and passive safety of a speedwing. The lessons learned in the development of some of the most iconic small wings the industry has seen culminated into a new breed of wing in a category of its own.

The FLAME LIGHT maintains a flat glide at the closed trim position for long transitions or light wind soaring. Long and progressive brake travel provides confidence during launch and more advanced flight manoeuvres. Feedback is direct but not aggressive allowing for precise piloting during turbulence without overwhelming the pilot. Behaviour similar to a traditional paraglider when flown trims closed making thermalling and XC flying achievable with a high margin of passive safety.

Fully releasing the trims of the FLAME LIGHT significantly steepens the glide and increases speed. Pilot authority over the handling increases with design characteristics taken from our speedwings. Progressive and controllable dive, smoother energy retention and exceptional roll speed allow for precise handling even in the largest sizes.

The broad range presents an industry first in flight versatility. Flights requiring a mix of glide and agility, stability and responsiveness are now possible. The construction utilises sheathed lines and full sized risers to maintain durability and ease of handling.


11, 13, 16, 19, 9

Minimum Weight (kg)5050505050
Maximum Weight (kg)120120120120120
Glider Weight (kg)1.671.832.042.362.68
Number of Cells330000
Projected Area (m^2)
Flat Area (m^2)9.0011.0013.0016.0019.00
Projected Span (m)
Flat Span (m)6.306.807.308.108.80
Projected Aspect Ratio3.
Flat Aspect Ratio0.
Root Chord (m)

Level Flame Light


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