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To share the experience of flight gives meaning to what we do. 

That is the foundation of the FORCE project and why we developed our tandem paraglider in the first place. 

The FORCE 41 tandem paraglider was designed by professionals for professional and recreational pilots. A great responsibility falls on every tandem pilot, which is why we have not compromised on safety, reliability, and ease. The FORCE has been thoroughly tested in a number of conditions and situations both in a professional and leisurely environment.



The inflation of the canopy is progressive, creating easy and fast lift during launch.


In flight, it immediately provides a feeling of security due to its elaborate structure and design putting both you and your passenger at ease. Its glide performance will make you enjoy all conditions from calm mornings to thermal flights and cross country adventures.


The brake pressure is light and progressive, allowing for fluidity turning in thermals and confidence on glide and handling to achieve your trajectory.


Landing is an extremely important phase of a tandem flight that we have paid special attention to. It’s no surprise that the FORCE tandem is easy to flare, and gives you the energy you need to land gently even if the conditions are not optimal.


The development of the FORCE was made with and by professional tandem pilots across the Alps to build a glider tailored to the preferred characteristics and requirements of demanding tandem flying. Through multiple prototypes, launch, handling, landing, and overall precision was adjusted to create a homogenous balance which enables repeatable and confident behaviour flight after flight. Weight and material choices have been optimized for the needs of a professional workload.

The FORCE 41 paraglider is the safe, pleasant, and efficient wing for all of your tandem flights …!



Minimum Weight (kg)120
Maximum Weight (kg)220
Glider Weight (kg)7.83
Number of Cells54
Projected Area (m^2)34.69
Flat Area (m^2)41.00
Projected Span (m)11.90
Flat Span (m)15.00
Projected Aspect Ratio0.00
Flat Aspect Ratio5.50
Root Chord (m)0.00

Level Force 41


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