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Bidule, from LittleCloud. In response to pilot demands world-wide, the design objective of this wing was to create a wing that is easy to use, and suited for both leisure and professional use. Easy inflation without pulls in strong wind, excellent lift on takeoff, no pitch, same performance range as other tandems available on the market. The Bidule will provide a lot of fun to its users as well as maximum versatility.

The Bidule is equipped with trims, offering essential acceleration.
It’s biggest asset is its versatility:

-for soaring in strong conditions (good speed potential and less pull during inflation)
-in thermic conditions (easy to manouver, remains precise and offers performance)
-for local or XC flights, (offering a large weight range
-for use with skis (simple preparation, easy to recenter the wing)
-accessibility (light weight, low aspect ratio, virtually no pitch)
-mountain flights (light weight, reduced bulk)



Minimum Weight (kg)100110
Maximum Weight (kg)180200
Glider Weight (kg)6.207.20
Number of Cells4344
Projected Area (m^2)0.000.00
Flat Area (m^2)31.0038.00
Projected Span (m)0.000.00
Flat Span (m)12.2013.44
Projected Aspect Ratio0.000.00
Flat Aspect Ratio4.754.76
Root Chord (m)0.000.00

Little Cloud Bidule


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