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As a reminder, Gracchio is the Italian name for the Alpine Chough, a bird we see everywhere in the mountains and that likes to fly for fun!
The Gracchio Mk2 is expanding its pilots’ range.
This glider follows the LittleCloud formula with a moderate aspect ratio, a very pitch stable behavior, and extremely fun to fly!


The Goal was to increase the usability from the Original Gracchio, in reducing the “power” feeling which was intimidating some pilots.
The Glider uses the Urubu airfoil with smaller air intakes. The speciality of this airfoil is its efficiency and extreme safety (extremely pitch stable even after massive collapses, and huge brake travel).
Because of the high efficiency delivered by this wing, we were able to use sheathed lines for the bridle!
The shape and planform is 100% new, with 49 cells and 5.3 aspect ratio.
The Glider feedback is softer but still informing the pilot about the air they’re flying.
The Gracchio Mk2 is produced with semi-light materials, which are more durable but keep an overall weight very low thanks to its design simplicity.

The Gracchio Mk2

The Gracchio Mk2 is a glider which makes you feel comfortable right away!
Its accessibility is larger than its predecessor.
With or without wind, inflation and rise are easy and loft less.
Its’ handling is very predictive and intuitive, and delivers a lot of fun.
The handling is extraordinary: extremely precise, allowing to core small thermals.
For such a low AR, it has great glide and great upwind penetration.
Like always at LittleCloud, we pay particular attention to the passive safety: the performance gains come with exceptional safety.
The long brake travel gets very heavy before the stall point (65cm for the 19/21 up to 80cm on the 27!).
We are convinced that these parameters combined with the pitch stable behavior are the key to a very safe wing.
– LC inflation: 100% control of the rise, the wing strictly follows the pilot’s decision!
–  Bitey in the thermal
– Sharp, precise, and super fun handling.
– Comfortable and soft communication.
– Very high level of passive safety: Huge brake range, extremely pitch stable (the glider doesn’t shoot forward).
– Very fun!  A real LittleCloud glider!


The Gracchio Mk2 is aimed for autonomous  pilots looking for a glider which will not limit their desire of flying XC,  soaring, or hike and fly.
It’s a perfect step up after the GT2 for pilots aiming for more experience with LittleCloud.
Be aware that this kind of wing, because of its’ performance, is not designed to compensate for the lack of skill or experience of the pilot, even though its potential allows it to fly longer and further!


The Gracchio MK2 is not EN certified. Only the EN 926-1 load test has been achieved.
The Non certification in flight is a deliberate choice of LittleCloud.
We think this EN certification is not a guarantee of safety for the pilot. In no case does this certification protect the pilot from flying incidents/accidents.
These EN Tests are done in calm air with initiated maneuvers which do not show the behaviors of gliders in real life: modern gliders are very collapse resistant and their behavior after a flying incident in a rowdy air mass is very far from what EN tests are showing.
We test our gliders in real life for hours and hours in order to evaluate their real capabilities and behaviors.
Our quest for performance is always checked by our quest for safety and very dampened reactions in case of flying incidents.
Flying remains an aeronautical activity, the gravity factor is the same as any aircraft.
Only the pilot, his decisions (weather, gear, flying routes), and his margins can guarantee a maximum safety.


19, 21, 23, 25, 27

Minimum Weight (kg)50557085100
Maximum Weight (kg)707590105120
Glider Weight (kg)3.703.904.104.404.60
Number of Cells4949494949
Projected Area (m^2)
Flat Area (m^2)18.7221.0023.1025.2527.00
Projected Span (m)
Flat Span (m)9.9710.5011.0411.5611.97
Projected Aspect Ratio0.
Flat Aspect Ratio5.305.305.305.305.30
Root Chord (m)

Little Cloud Gracchio Mk2


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