The Eden – Traditional by name. The number 7 brings a significant change.

The Eden 7 is a top-of-the-line sports performance category with an exceptional XC potential. It combines the know-how and the latest experience gained during the development of our higher performance gliders. Extensive testing and comparison with the best gliders in the higher categories, has allowed the emergence of a paraglider that glides significantly beyond other EN B gliders.
All this is associated with a high level of stability and passive safety.

Powerful and cool

Eden 7 exhibits a balanced canopy behaviour throughout the speed range, even under harsh conditions and in turbulent air. Neutral behaviour is combined with sporty control and thermic flying is so enjoyable. Efficient climbing in weak conditions can be achieved with only a small amount of control. Brake pressure required is light to medium.
Progressively increasing power in the second range allows easy control in strong cores.
Easy launching and landing have been a feature of MAC PARA gliders for years. The EDEN 7 follows this tradition.

Lightweight design

All aspects of the gliders design have been optimized. The Eden 7 is designed as a semi-lightweight glider. The smallest size weighing only 4.25 kg. The canopy is aerodynamically very clean thanks to the new 3D shaping. The leading edge RFE system, along with trailing edge mini-ribs and the new stabilizer shape, help reduce resistance and increase performance. Shaping panels, diagonal system and line branching – everything was optimized to give the right canopy stiffness, providing stability and pleasant; comfortable flight in active air.


The Eden 7 is made of proven Skytex materials for durability. Skytex 32 Hard finish for all profiles and diagonal ribs. Skytex 38 Universal is used on the leading edge of upper and lower surfaces. Skytex 32 Universal is used for both top and bottom main surface.

The upper lines are made of Edelrid’s Aramid / Kevlar material, the lower lines are made of Liros’s PPSL series. The risers are made of narrow Kevlar / Polyester webbing and are equipped with high quality Harken ball bearing pulleys. Performance pilots will enjoy the new C-riser stabilization and steering system when flying at high speeds.

The Eden 7 is a top glider designed for ambitious XC pilots

Although certified in the EN-B category and showing a high degree of stability, the Eden 7 is not suitable for beginners and occasional pilots. It is designed for intermediate or more experienced pilots who already have experience with intermediate gliders. The Eden 7 is intended for ambitious XC pilots who will appreciate the more relaxed and stress free mode of flying.

Choose …

Finally, the most difficult part. How to choose the right size and choose the colour design? Regarding the colour; you must decide according to your own preferences, but with the choice of size you can ask your dealer or MAC PARA for advice.


L, M, S, XL, XS, XXL

ManufacturerMac ParaMac ParaMac ParaMac ParaMac ParaMac Para
Glider NameEden 7Eden 7Eden 7Eden 7Eden 7Eden 7
Min Weight (kg)55708293105115
Max Weight (kg)8090103115130145
Single Surface------
Number of Cells595959595959
Glider Weight (kg)4.204.454.755.005.305.60
Projected Area (m2)19.2621.0522.9224.8726.9029.82
Flat Area (m2)21.9223.9526.0828.3030.6133.93
Projected Span (m)------
Flat Span (m)11.5312.0512.5813.1013.6214.34
Projected Aspect Ratio------
Flat Aspect Ratio6.

Mac Para Eden 7

Product Attributes

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