“Fly In Peace”–The philosophy of relaxed flying

The Elan 3 – is the most powerful glider in the entire Elan-series and remains consistently a supporter of easy combined with a relaxed flying style. The Elan 3 is suitable for ambitious XC pilots who require an extraordinary glider with excellent glide, pleasant behaviour and easy handling.

Thoughtful and tuned concept

During the development of several prototypes the starting point was new profiles from the Magus which subsequently received the “necessary” modifications. In the same way we experimented with a two-liner system at outermost part of the canopy but finally we returned to the three-row concept. The result is a balanced glider with good feedback and a high degree of stability.

Pitching is well balanced, easy to read without the need for large corrections and allows a very good climb in the thermals. The Elan 3 handles both weak, stronger and more demanding thermal conditions easily and efficiently. If I had to evaluate its handling I would classify it somewhere between Elan 1 and Elan 2. Although slightly suppressed, sporty manoeuvrability has been maintained, with emphasis on climbing performance. The Elan 3 combines comfort, performance, safety and the pure joy of flying.

Low weight and easy take-offs

Thanks to the well-thought-out design of the canopy and the lightweight materials, the take-off characteristics of its predecessor could be maintained. The Elan 3 is designed as a “semi-light” glider, the smallest size weighs 4.20 kg. The result is a balanced wing with an AR of 6.35. Inflation of the canopy, the way it comes up and the low tendency to overshoot are very important parameters of the glider’s safety for me as a designer. Even in zero wind, the filling of the canopy is smooth over the entire span and the canopy rises easily overhead. With its simple take-off behaviour, the Elan 3 significantly exceeds its competitors. Even in stronger wind, the take-off and pitching are easily controllable. Behaviour during extreme manoeuvres is precise and well predictable. The Elan 3 combines the performance of gliders of the “high-end” EN C category with flight comfort and a relaxed feeling comparable to the EN B category. Those who do not believe should try it.

Advanced technologies

Thanks to the unique leading edge reinforcement system, the Elan 3 provides extraordinary performance over the entire speed range. In turbulence, the Elan 3 retains exceptional stability. The resistance to collapse of the canopy is enhanced by excellent penetration. The wing requires minimal correction with the C risers in accelerated flight. If necessary, the angle of attack can be corrected during accelerated flight by adjustment of the C risers. The 4-ring transmission system partially changes the profile shape and at the same time corrects the angle of attack. Rare asymmetrical collapse of the canopy during the adjustment of the C risers is therefore much milder with less rotation from the direction of flight.

The C risers are equipped with padded grips beneath the line connections, and any correction of the angle of attack is thus easily achieved by maintaining adequate tension on the C risers. Practical self-cleaning holes at the ends of the stabilizers help to remove any sand, grass or small stones from the wing tip.

Tuned to perfection

The 3D shaping of the panels (cells) offers the possibility of a new colour design of the canopy, but also provides greater aerodynamic clearance. The RFE system is combined with the negative 3D shaping on the leading edge, mini-ribs on the trailing edge and the new shape of the stabilizers, it all helps reduce drag and increase performance. The number of cells and their shaping, the diagonal system, the geometry of lines – everything has been optimized for the correct rigidity of the canopy, providing stability and pleasant flight comfort in active air

Effective control

The steering range during normal thermal flying is quite short and the required forces on steering lines are low to medium. The steering forces increase progressively during further pulls and offer a sufficient safety margin. In the core of strong thermals or in thermal bubbles near rocks or trees, the glider’s controls can be pulled more unilaterally and the glider turns significantly sharper on a small radius. Thanks to the glider’s stability, it is not necessary to brake the opposite side of the canopy too much whilst thermaling. This increases the climb performance. The canopy is moderately sensitive to the weight-shifting.

Be yourself…

How to choose the right size and the colour design? You have to decide on the colour design according to your own colour preferences, but the dealer or MAC PARA can advise you on the right choice of glider size. Don’t hesitate to arrange a test flight.

The Elan 3 – It’s comfort, performance, safety and the pure joy of flying.


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ManufacturerMac ParaMac ParaMac ParaMac ParaMac ParaMac Para
Glider NameElan 3Elan 3Elan 3Elan 3Elan 3Elan 3
Min Weight (kg)58758792105115
Max Weight (kg)8095105118130145
Single Surface------
Number of Cells676767676767
Glider Weight (kg)4.204.434.805.205.355.60
Projected Area (m2)19.3620.6922.5224.4426.4329.04
Flat Area (m2)22.1623.6825.7927.9830.2633.24
Projected Span (m)------
Flat Span (m)11.8612.2612.8013.3313.8614.53
Projected Aspect Ratio------
Flat Aspect Ratio6.356.356.356.356.356.35

Mac Para Elan 3

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