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Illusion – Intermediate Performance Glider

Designed by the motto Fly in Peace

The Illusion profits from the latest technology and development experience of the Elan and the Eden 6. As well as the Elan gained an excellent reputation, the Illusion excels in the EN B category. Situated in the middle of the category the Illusion perfectly fits between the Muse 4 and Eden 6.

For who?

Are you looking to progress in your flying career? The Illusion is suitable for a wide range of pilots. From first thermalling flights to long cross-country adventures, the glider offers impressive performance. Handling and stability are excellent in the entire weight range.

Discover Your XC Potential

At take off, in flight and during landings it will always react the way you are expecting. The Illusion convinces by its precise handling and smooth behavior in the air.

The clean designed airfoils deliver outstanding glide as by trim speed as accelerated. The stability in accelerated mode is exceptional. Selected materials warranty longevity and correct line geometry without a need of trimming. The semi-light canopy will delight you by traveling and on your first hike and fly adventures. Medium size has weight of 4.6 kg.


Experienced pilots will be surprised by Illusion’s glide ratio but the safety is the most important feature of the Illusion.

The Mac Para R&D Team made a priority designing the Illusion to continue the tradition of safety by added performance and ease of use.We know how peaceful the glider feels in active air. Design The hardest part is picking your favorite Color and Size. If you need help your local MAC PARA dealer will help you choosing the right size to maximize the performance of your new Illusion. Illusions are available in 3 serial designs and 6 different sizes. For an extra charge you can choose out of a wide range of different colors and make your personal Illusion.


22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 33

Minimum Weight (kg)55707885105115
Maximum Weight (kg)7290100110130145
Glider Weight (kg)4.104.354.604.855.105.45
Number of Cells525252525252
Projected Area (m^2)17.8119.4721.2023.0024.8827.58
Flat Area (m^2)21.6423.6425.7527.9430.2233.50
Projected Span (m)
Flat Span (m)10.7511.2411.7312.2212.7113.38
Projected Aspect Ratio0.
Flat Aspect Ratio5.345.345.345.345.345.34
Root Chord (m)2.532.642.762.872.973.14

Mac Para Illusion


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Lightweight / Hike & Fly

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