Progress 2 – Easy with Exceptional Safety

The Mac Para Progress 2 is the perfect paraglider for entry level pilots to discover the our fantastic world of paragliding. It is very easy to use, incredibly safe and particularly forgiving. Inflating, launching and ground handling are effortless offering beginners to rapidly progress through the learning curve with confidence.

Top Choice for Flying Schools

Professional flying schools have a big responsibility and select their entry level paragliders carefully. In addition the Progress 2 is such a good glider that the pilot after leaving school can easy further develop his flying skills with it. The take off is easy. The inflating of the canopy is continuous without overshooting or hanging back. In flight it is well balanced and damped. The Progress 2 excels thanks very good performance and extraordinary penetration by windy conditions.

No Worry Flights – Built Solid

Overall ease of use, perfect flight characteristics and stability are the highlights of the Progress 2. A nice elliptically shaped canopy has 35 cells and an aspect ratio of 4.68. The classic construction without diagonals uses a system of load-bearing tapes attached between ribs giving the canopy stability that helps maintain a clean profile. The feeling you get flying the Progress is confidence building fun. This is what the perfect beginner glider should be like.

Active Piloting and Simple Flights

The canopy is very resistant to collapse and shows docile behavior during extreme maneuvers.

Flying with it in an active air is confidence inspiring. The Progress has well balanced handling. Not too dynamic but not boring at all. Controls are smooth at the beginning but with more active piloting the Progress 2 reveals its more sporty character. The long brake travel is a warranty for safe landings.

Quality Materials that Last

Mac Para always uses high-quality materials and manufacturing the Progress 2 is no different. The top surface of the leading edge is made from Porcher Sport’s Skytex   fabric and guarantees long lasting durability. Each Progress 2 is sewn with constant quality control during the manufacturing process. This will give you the peace of mind for your very first flights under a paraglider.


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ManufacturerMac ParaMac ParaMac ParaMac ParaMac Para
Glider NameProgress 2Progress 2Progress 2Progress 2Progress 2
Min Weight (kg)55677790105
Max Weight (kg)7590100115135
Single Surface-----
Number of Cells3535353535
Glider Weight (kg)4.104.304.504.755.05
Projected Area (m2)20.7022.5424.4626.7130.14
Flat Area (m2)23.1425.2027.3429.8633.69
Projected Span (m)-----
Flat Span (m)10.4110.8611.3111.8212.55
Projected Aspect Ratio-----
Flat Aspect Ratio4.684.684.684.684.68

Mac Para Progress 2

Product Attributes

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