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HAYDI 2 – a completely new project – offers both stability and reliability in one wing. The wing is lighter, has lesser lines, three risers and an aesthetic design.


  • Precise cross-load connections ensuring optimum aerodynamic performance
  • Plastic bars reduce weight and ensure best surface tension
  • Separate A risers for easy big ears
  • Velcro pockets at the tips of the ears for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic high-quality handles
  • Easy take-off and landing
  • High performance, high glide ratio.


HAYDI 2 has been designed to popularize paragliding and to make beginner flights safe and enjoyable. We then developed a wing that can be used by pilots who want a product that does not compromise on safety in any way, and that can be used for many years.

Design details

HAYDI 2 is a completely new design project. The wing is lighter, has fewer lines, three risers and a stylish design.

  • Enhanced performance, a sense of precise braking and a reassuring feeling in the air.
  • Modern wing design
  • Fewer lines! A three-riser design; a simple and plain column design. Separate riser A for big ears.
  • Precise cross-load connections ensure optimum aerodynamic performance
  • Plastic bars reduce weight and ensure sensitive surface tension
  • We use only high-quality materials supplied by famous manufacturers in our wings
  • Fully renewed profile. Better glide rate
  • Weight-saving interior design
  • DominicoTex is a fabric that has proven itself. Its colors do not fade, and has shown its durability in air permeability and mechanical tests.

L, M, S, XS

Technical Data

Minimum Weight (kg)557082102
Maximum Weight (kg)7795110130
Glider Weight (kg)3.904.605.105.60
Number of Cells34343434
Projected Area (m^2)19.8422.9626.1028.89
Flat Area (m^2)23.0026.0029.0032.00
Projected Span (m)
Flat Span (m)10.5511.0511.6712.25
Projected Aspect Ratio
Flat Aspect Ratio4.794.794.794.79
Root Chord (m)

Maya Haydi 2

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