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According to ancient belief, a Shaman acts as a bridge between the spirit world and the human world. Our “Shaman” is our communication with the sky.


Its thinner profile provides improved speed and glide performance

Carbon rods in the cells provide a smoother surface, minimizing friction.

Both soft brake pressure and aerodynamic performance have been enhanced with cross connections in the inner structure of the wing, and the addition of details that facilitate air flow in the profile.

Separate A risers are provided to ensure more comfortable big ears system.


Among the B-class wings, this product offers a whole new flight performance. Enjoyable flights are assured thanks to optimum glide performance, high passive safety and high speed.

Design details

SHAMAN 2 is MAYA PARACHUTE’s latest performance and sports wing.

Designed for a wide range of pilot skills, SHAMAN 2 is suitable for almost any flight.

Suitable for both weekend pilots, and for expert and experienced adventurers seeking a wing that can help them develop their skills and expand their horizons, SHAMAN 2 provides safety without sacrificing utilization or agility.

Designed to ensure a smooth and pleasant flight experience and cross-country performance with EN B security, SHAMAN 2 is a wing that offers soft braking and smooth lines.

It is both dynamic and safe.

Produced with DominicoTex, Edelrid and Liros quality, SHAMAN 2 offers a very high strength:weight ratio, allowing the use of a thinner profile structure than before, meaning less friction, better performance and significant weight savings.

Smoother and more elegant lines mean less clutter and tripping over fabric and ropes.


L, M, S

Technical Data

Minimum Weight (kg)6080100
Maximum Weight (kg)85105125
Glider Weight (kg)5.405.806.30
Number of Cells525252
Projected Area (m^2)
Flat Area (m^2)24.0026.0029.00
Projected Span (m)
Flat Span (m)11.5512.0512.77
Projected Aspect Ratio4.004.004.00
Flat Aspect Ratio
Root Chord (m)

Maya Shaman 2

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