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Precision & Performance

The STELVIA is a distillation of technology and design know-how; simultaneously simple yet sophisticated. The curve of the sail, the leading edge and the trailing edge were all meticulously adjusted to achieve a cohesiveness rarely obtained. 

Numerous flights were made to demonstrate its superior efficiency and performance in weak and strong conditions compared to higher category wings.

With an aspect ratio of 5.7 and 61 cells, the STELVIA is a sport wing which offers both stability and sensitivity. Our R&D team has created a wing that is sporty and yet accessible (certified EN-B), which targets the most demanding cross country pilots in terms of handling, performance, and precision.

Lightweight and great Handling

The feedback from the air mass through the STELVIA is well balanced and very sensitive. Our primary design objective was to create a wing which optimizes both its ability to climb in thermals and provide a high level of security for the intended pilot.

Its speed and penetration in a head-wind are astonishing. The touch of this wing is truly exceptional. Through its precision handling, it is a pure pleasure to fly. Weighing just 4.3kg in size M, the STELVIA is an excellent choice for Hike and Fly pilots who must hike to launch before their long-distance flights.

STELVIA, the choice of excellence.


L, M, S

Minimum Weight (kg)708090
Maximum Weight (kg)90100115
Glider Weight (kg)4.104.304.55
Number of Cells616161
Projected Area (m^2)20.5221.9623.43
Flat Area (m^2)23.3625.0026.67
Projected Span (m)9.459.7710.09
Flat Span (m)11.5411.9412.33
Projected Aspect Ratio4.354.354.35
Flat Aspect Ratio5.705.705.70
Root Chord (m)

Mcc Aviation Stelvia


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