The X-Lite is an original concept: a speedriding wing dedicated to wild ski-touring sessions and mountain adventures.

Developed from the X-Ride freeride wing, the X-Lite is an ultra-light and ultra-compact version that will easily find its own space inside your backpack.


The X-Lite weighs 1.35 kg in size #8; up to 1.65 kg in size #10. Great care has been taken with materials and construction methods to keep the weight down while remaining strong. The lightness is also reflected in the handling and rideability of the X-Lite.

If wild tracks are the way you ride, the X-lite is your toy!


The NEO Steep Active System, allows direct pilot input for steep dives and calculated arc recoveries. It allows the pilot to manoeuvre on steep terrain, and to fly straighter freeride lines. The S.A.S is super efficient but more demanding; it is needed to anticipate the shape of the slope in advance.


10, 8, 9

Technical Data

Glider NameX-LiteX-LiteX-Lite
Min Wt (kg)---
Max Wt (kg)---
Single Surface---
Number of Cells222222
Glider Wt (kg)1.351.501.65
Projected Area (m2)---
Flat Area (m2)8.009.0010.00
Projected Span (m)---
Flat Span (m)---
Projected Aspect Ratio---
Flat Aspect Ratio3.703.703.70
Root Chord (m)---

Neo X-Lite

Product Attributes

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