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One of the lightest tandem wing in the world 
Weighing only 3.3kg and with an extremely reduced packing volume, this single-surface tandem has the capacity to carry loads of up to 190kg on endless adventures.Unique experiences for two 
Unimaginable take-offs, incredible flights and gentle but absolutely controlled landings. Unmatched manoeuvrability to share your passion.New roads, new challenges 
Innovation is not just going one step further, but exploring new directions. Discover the wing that marks a milestone in the world of paragliding.

Hike & Fly and Vol-biv
Share your mountain and alpine adventures with a wing that will allow you to take off in countless places, with unprecedented user-friendliness and a high level passive safety.


Minimum Weight (kg)130
Maximum Weight (kg)190
Glider Weight (kg)3.30
Number of Cells39
Projected Area (m^2)26.17
Flat Area (m^2)31.00
Projected Span (m)10.39
Flat Span (m)13.06
Projected Aspect Ratio4.12
Flat Aspect Ratio5.50
Root Chord (m)0.00

Niviuk Bi Skin 2 P


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Product Attributes

Lightweight / Hike & Fly
Single Surface

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