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The freedom to have everything under control
The first steps are not necessarily the most complicated. Enjoy your paramotor flights with an Easy Handling wing, which is simple at take off and landing, with comfortable and precise handling throughout the flight. A glider for progression and enjoyment.

Safety on all your journeys
The Link 2 has an optimised internal architecture that is constructed using new materials and technologies to ensure maximum safety. From the moment of take off until landing, the Link 2’s feedback will turn flights into safe experiences for the pilot.

The comfort of great performance
Its internal structure has been redesigned and optimised to achieve greater comfort during each phase of the flight.

The application of the latest innovative technologies allows total freedom of movement so that the pilot can enjoy their first flights in the world of paramotoring with an accessible and safe wing.

Excellent performance for its certification level ensures flights with maximum stability across the speed-ranges. Ideal for paramotor enthusiasts who want comfort without sacrificing any advantages.


21, 23, 25, 27

Minimum Weight (kg)557090105
Maximum Weight (kg)10012014570
Glider Weight (kg)4.805.105.505.90
Number of Cells55555555
Projected Area (m^2)18.2720.0122.1923.93
Flat Area (m^2)21.0023.0025.5027.50
Projected Span (m)
Flat Span (m)
Projected Aspect Ratio3.913.913.913.91
Flat Aspect Ratio5.
Root Chord (m)

Niviuk Link 2


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