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More light than ever 
Lighter, precise and more direct handling for a more pleasant flight. Enjoy a level of performance that will allow you get the best from your flights.

Endless flights  
The renovation of the internal structure using the RSD technology allows to optimize the orientation of the diagonals. Together with the optimal use of materials in different sections of the glider, the durability and strength of the wing are increased. Maximum safety and accessibility to unleash your adventures.

On a cloud 

Its new airfoil guarantees stability and comfort for both, pilot and passenger. This means less movement for the passenger to provide an experience where fun is the key.

Commercial tandem flights 
A tandem wing designed to satisfy the most exacting professional dual pilots. Its durability and performance make this a glider that you will not want to part with.

Recreational flights
Experience a tandem wing as you never imagined it and let yourself be carried away by its supreme comfort and stability. Enjoy each flight with a tandem that adapts perfectly to your needs and those of your passenger.


39, 42, 44

Minimum Weight (kg)110120140
Maximum Weight (kg)190220239
Glider Weight (kg)7.147.518.06
Number of Cells545454
Projected Area (m^2)32.1834.7237.66
Flat Area (m^2)38.0041.0044.00
Projected Span (m)
Flat Span (m)14.4615.0215.56
Projected Aspect Ratio0.000.000.00
Flat Aspect Ratio5.505.505.50
Root Chord (m)3.293.413.54

Niviuk Takoo 5


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