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Discovery EN-B – Discover a new world!

Its name says it all – the DISCOVERY is a sporty low- EN B wing that wants to bring you into the world of intuitive, efficient thermaling.

Whether as a next step after your training or with a long flying experience – the DISCOVERY will make flying easy with its precise handling, have fun with its dynamics and be confident in turbulence through its good-natured behavior.

Technically perfected and with a durable material mix it opens up all possibilities to you. No matter if it’s training on the grass, taking off in any terrain, as well as many hours in the air – he will guide you safely, strengthen your abilities and let you enjoy this new, carefree world!

DISCOVERY: Harmonious, solid wing

The DISCOVERY is a harmonious, solid wing, which also offers the entry into the B-Class. With direct handling and great tolerance in case of any canopy failure, it is easy and comfortable to fly; the perfect wing to explore new things!

During the preparation for the start, a simple concept consisting of three main lines and color-coded raisers provide a good overview. The light and even rise of the canopy at the start lets you relax after a few steps.

Progressive and sporty handling

The handling is progressive and sporty, but without overstraining you. The glider leads you exactly where you want to go and moves to the next thermal without overshooting. With his feedback you will learn to intuitively fly and feel the air.

Easy to turn in the thermals and with optimal climbing properties, the DISCOVERY paves the way to the cloud base and at the same time gives you security through its good-natured flight behavior when the conditions call for you.

Balance of power, speed and stability

Latest technical developments in the wing provide a balance of power, speed and stability. An efficient working profile and a stable leading edge, equipped with the proven shark nose construction, give the DISCOVERY everything you need to spend many hours relaxed in the air. Its material mix makes the wing sturdy, durable and lightweight.

Experience a new world with the DISCOVERY – higher and more reliable climbs in the thermals, the first kilometers flown or long flights with distant targets – it brings you to power and you are safe on the road.


MiniriMiniribs (MRB) and the Brake Gathering System (BGS) transmit control impulses to the wing with high efficiency and precision.

3D shaping (3DS) of the cells, optimised wing pretension and Mini Ribs (MRB) at the trailing edge improve profile fidelity and airflow and have a stabilising effect on flight behaviour.

Thanks to the Brake Gathering System (BGS) on the trailing edge, the wing precisely converts control impulses and enables fine centring in thermals.

The Precision Profile Nose (PPN) provides excellent launch characteristics and high edge traction in flight.

The High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) allows good air distribution and pressure equalization within the wing and increases the folding stability of the cap.

The paraglider is equipped with a Sharknose (SNP), which provides more stability at higher speeds.


L, M, S, SM, XS

Minimum Weight (kg)55657590105
Maximum Weight (kg)708095110128
Glider Weight (kg)3.653.874.284.564.90
Number of Cells5050505050
Projected Area (m^2)17.9119.6221.3323.1224.91
Flat Area (m^2)20.9722.9724.9727.0729.16
Projected Span (m)8.438.829.209.589.94
Flat Span (m)10.5511.0411.5111.9812.44
Projected Aspect Ratio3.973.973.973.973.97
Flat Aspect Ratio5.305.305.305.305.30
Root Chord (m)

Papillon Discovery


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