Horizon EN-B – On to new horizons!

The HORIZON sets new standards as a solid and elegant wing in the middle section of the B-Class. It is designed to get you higher, faster and further!

Its agility convinces in its entirety – the compact, direct handling and precise feedback let you feel and use the thermals in the best possible way.

In addition, good speed and outstanding gliding performance make the HORIZON the ideal wing, with which you can practice cross country flying or ambitiously complete your XC tracks without sacrificing the passive safety of the B category.

HORIZON: Powerful and uncomplicated

Powerful and uncomplicated, the HORIZON convinces as an enjoyable thermal and excellent cross country wing. No matter how far away your destination is, it will bring you forward and closer to the horizon …

Easy start-up with a clear line setup with three main lines and the reliable rising ability of the canopy, bring you safely into the air and your flight can begin relaxed.

In the thermals, the sporty wing can be turned harmoniously; it reacts directly and climbs incredibly efficiently, making the way to the cloud base almost easy. With its precise feedback, you can also feel the turbulence and stay active.

Cross country wing with comfortable safety support

The sharknose construction has improved flight characteristics and stability even at high speeds, making the HORIZON an ideal cross country wing. It is also pleasant to fly fully accelerated and with nice control over the C-risers; the excellent gliding performance gives you confidence in going away. The glider reacts moderately to disturbances and is well manageable.

The HORIZON has all technical features as well as a durable material mix, that combines all good features of a cross country wing with a comfortable safety support. That makes it the ideal combination – for the pilot on the XC improvement to the experienced cross country flyer – with the HORIZON you reach every horizon.


100, 120, 55, 60, 80, 85

Glider NameHorizonHorizonHorizonHorizonHorizonHorizon
Min Weight (kg)60608085100120
Max Weight (kg)8095110115130150
Single Surface------
Number of Cells363636363636
Glider Weight (kg)3.453.753.954.254.554.85
Projected Area (m2)19.1221.2023.6924.9426.1829.51
Flat Area (m2)23.0025.5028.5030.0031.5035.00
Projected Span (m)8.278.719.219.459.6810.28
Flat Span (m)10.7211.2911.9412.2512.5513.32
Projected Aspect Ratio3.583.583.583.583.583.58
Flat Aspect Ratio5.

Papillon Horizon

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