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The ALLEGRO Light has got the genes and thereby the speed and performance of the ALLEGRO, indeed.  Furthermore, it has reduced rigging (2 main lines) and a reduced internal structure to minimize weight.
In combination with the new riser (R07) it is offering a “game changing” flying experience.


The ALLEGRO Light has been completely recalculated and redesigned on the base of the ALLEGRO. There are some differences in rigging, ballooning, wing curve and wing statics. The result is an extraordinary super-light C wing. Additionally, we all are very pleased with the new semi-light riser R07. Only with these risers it is possible to experience the full potential of this wing: the most optimal combination.


Although the ALLEGRO LIGHT is based on the ALLEGRO, it is not just the same wing in light cloth. During plenty of development stages, the internal structure has been optimized towards the goal to have a rigid and ultralight wing. The most obvious difference is the fact, that the ALLEGRO Light has only 2 main lines in wingspan direction (versus 3 in the ALLEGRO).

The base behavior of the ALLEGRO Light, however, is similar to that of his heavier brother: both are very fast and showing an impressive performance especially in speed.

Because of the lighter canopy, the ALLEGRO Light is a little more “communicative” in thermals and softer in extreme maneuvers. The combination of the ALLEGRO Light and the new R07 riser with a unique ergonomic C handle position is offering a new flying sensation. The test pilots were excited: now it’s on you to try!


L, M, ML, S, XL, XS

Technical Data

Minimum Weight (kg)5065758390105
Maximum Weight (kg)758595103110130
Glider Weight (kg)3.003.353.573.703.854.15
Number of Cells727272727272
Projected Area (m^2)17.4918.9120.4021.4022.4424.48
Flat Area (m^2)20.4022.1123.8525.0226.2328.62
Projected Span (m)8.819.149.499.739.9610.40
Flat Span (m)11.0911.5512.0012.2912.5813.14
Projected Aspect Ratio4.434.424.424.424.424.42
Flat Aspect Ratio6.
Root Chord (m)

Phi Allegro Light


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