Be prepared to a new era in High B Class!
With 76 cells, additional miniribs, new profile and wing tensioning and new technologies, the MAESTRO 2 shows an unprecedented shape and clean surface.

We present you the greatest leap in performance that we have ever achieved from one generation to the next. Initial glide comparisons were done with its predecessor but in the end the different was so much that it necessitated comparing between the new MAESTRO 2 protos to find the best one. Another major step forward in the wing is the stability in speed. Compared to the Maestro 1 and other B wings you will feel the wing extremely roll stable at speed, which removes any unnecessary inefficiencies on glides.


After plenty of simulated drafts and prototypes, we came up with a highly complex concept to reach an unmatched clean surface and a very high form stability.
The increased high cell number (76 cells over 60 of the predecessor) in combination with the optimized 3D shaping, the new form stable rod materials and the additional miniribs in the leading edge are offering a clear reduction of wrinkles in the critical high airspeed / lift section of the wing. With the new rod materials and leading edge miniribs the stability at speed is exceptional. Couple this with the R07 riser and you have a gliding machine!

The result is not only better performance at all speeds. The airstream separation over the sail is much later: the maximum lift is higher, the flyable angle of attack bigger: the low speed flying excellent, the handling more forgiving (longer brake travel) and as a result of that the thermaling ability is on a new level.

We kept on optimizing and finally reached new levels of the famous safety / performance ratio. During this process of optimization, we proved every design element for its need: we eliminated most of the trailing edge miniribs, the bottom sail rods and the rods in the wingtips. So finally, the MAESTRO 2 is just a little heavier than its predecessor and still reasonable in price. The reduction of rods allows for a smaller packing volume. The MAESTRO 2 has rods only where they are really needed.


You will experience a new level of handling: dynamic and precision are unique. What lucky humans we are to be able to fly with such wings…

The handling was finely tuned in the Austrian and Italian alps to enable the pilot to turn flatter in weaker lift but when more brake is applied the wing is able to core narrow thermals with a stable bank angle and turn tight next to terrain.


19, 21, 22, 23, 25

Technical Data

Glider NameMaestro 2Maestro 2Maestro 2Maestro 2Maestro 2
Min Weight (kg)65758390105
Max Weight (kg)8595103110130
Single Surface-----
Number of Cells7676767676
Glider Weight (kg)4.304.754.955.105.45
Projected Area (m2)18.8220.8121.8122.7724.72
Flat Area (m2)21.8624.1525.3526.4528.72
Projected Span (m)8.819.269.499.6910.10
Flat Span (m)11.0211.5911.8712.1212.63
Projected Aspect Ratio4.
Flat Aspect Ratio5.565.565.565.565.56

Phi Maestro 2

Product Attributes

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