The SCALA 2 is the more heavy and robust version of the SCALA 2 light, which has been developed for hike and fly races like the Redbull X-alps. These are super long distance endurance competitions. The athletes need a wing that is not only superbly performing, but also is very easy in every matter. They need to trust the wing’s stability and safety when they are tired and not that concentrated.

The SCALA 2 is the evolution of the first version of the SCALA. We tuned on many screws to make it even better in performance, easyness and simplicity. The SCALA 2 is a high level EN C class wing!
With it’s high aspect ratio and performance the SCALA 2 stands out of the C class. It is a kind of game changer.

But even having that very elegant high aspect ratio, this wing is really easy in every matter! The outstanding feature is the extreme stable airfoil. As more turbulent it gets as more advantage you have with the SCALA 2!

As the “heavy version” of the SCALA 2 light, the SCALA 2 did not have min weight as a main priority, so it has heavier material and and more and longer rods all over the topsail.


18, 19, 20, 21, 23

Technical Data

Glider NameScala 2Scala 2Scala 2Scala 2Scala 2
Min Weight (kg)65758595110
Max Weight (kg)8595105115125
Single Surface-----
Number of Cells7878787878
Glider Weight (kg)4.594.764.905.055.20
Projected Area (m2)17.7118.9520.2021.4822.73
Flat Area (m2)20.5622.0023.4524.9326.39
Projected Span (m)9.489.8010.1210.4810.73
Flat Span (m)11.8012.2012.6013.0013.37
Projected Aspect Ratio5.
Flat Aspect Ratio6.776.776.776.776.77

Phi Scala 2

Product Attributes

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