The SYMPHONIA is a super-high A paraglider, with a technical complexity unparalleled in this class: 50 cells, miniribs sewn on the inside, double 3D-shaping, brake raffing system over the entire trailing edge, 32g Porcher cloth, diagonal finger-bands, a minimalist line lay-out with unsheathed lines and wrinkle-reducing reinforcements.

The Symphonia has re-defined the performance limits of the A class, through the combination of complex technical methods and the resulting clean finish.
Never before, has this kind of speed and performance been combined with such high-safety and comfort. Never before, has this kind of performance been made safely flyable for such a large group of Pilots.


Our PHI SYMPHONIA is opening the door to a new era: high performance wings have reached A class safety. A pilot can develop himself and choose to fly a simple training hill wing, a classical beginner wing or finally a high performance wing without taking more risks by leaving the A class.

The idea to expand the usual one dimensional relation between gliders classification and complexity, however, is not new. Traditionally, A-wings are technically very simple, as D wings are very complex. Building technically complex wings in the A-class is extruding the scale to a two dimensional field: the relationship between classification and complexity is not linear any more.

Some years ago, I was able to push the limits by a revolution in the B class with the Mentor 2 and 3. These low aspect ratio wings were found on the top of the XC rankings and impressed many classical high performance pilots which normally flew more demanding wings.

Through progress in technology and knowledge it is now possible to repeat the same in the A class. The SYMPHONIA is resuming the revolution of safe, low aspect ratio wings!

As the B-class got wider and wider in the last years, it was the next logical step to rise a new standard by presenting a high performance wing in the A-class. Enjoy!


L, M, S, XL, XS

Technical Data

Glider NameSymphoniaSymphoniaSymphoniaSymphoniaSymphonia
Min Weight (kg)55657590105
Max Weight (kg)758595110130
Single Surface-----
Number of Cells5050505050
Glider Weight (kg)4.104.304.504.704.95
Projected Area (m2)18.2420.0822.0224.0525.93
Flat Area (m2)21.5423.7226.0028.4030.62
Projected Span (m)8.188.598.999.409.76
Flat Span (m)10.5211.0411.5612.0812.54
Projected Aspect Ratio3.673.673.673.673.67
Flat Aspect Ratio5.

Phi Symphonia

Product Attributes

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