The perfect combination of MAX-FUN, RELAXED-FLYING
Versatility without sacrifice
The versatile fourth generation ACCURA 4 covers a weight range of 60kg – 135kg
The ACCURA 4 is an easy intermediate wing for beginner and leisure pilots who want a confidence inspiring wing that still offers great XC possibilities
The ACCURA 4 is remarkably stable even in turbulent conditions with extraordinary thermal characteristics which offers enough performance in climb and glide for the low airtime and well-seasoned pilot wanting a low risk glider with maximum fun
All these qualities assist in the development of your flying skills




» Easy inflation, ground control & take-off behaviour
» High passive safety performance
» Precise handling, maximum performance and unique in-flight stability
» Well-damped pitch control in stronger conditions
» Well-balanced turning with long and progressive brake travel for a maximum safety margin
» Good ‘thermal sniffing’ ability
» Best quality materials with accurate work­manship
» SST technology
» New wing tip shape increasing aspect ratio
» Optimised wing tip air inlets with mesh openings for improved inflation characteristics
» Improved design on rib & v-rib
» New features result in improved launch and ground handling characteristics
» Increased rib-to-rib vent function
» Exciting new colours and canopy design
» EN/L TF B certification on all sizes




During the development of the Accura 4, one of the aspects the team worked on was optimising the 3D shaping and skin tension for increased performance. Designer Alexandre Paux pushed the limits to create a wing which is simple but still delivers the latest technology transferred in a lower-aspect ratio design.
“Optimising the 3D shaping and skin tension gave us more performance and a better feeling in the air. The glider is more damped in pitch which means that you don’t lose energy when gliding in unstable air. The Accura 4 is also easy to core in weak thermals by turning towards the core. And then, once you’re inside a thermal, the low aspect ratio and inherent stability help you get the most out of every thermal core, including the more turbulent ones. We also worked on making the wing as easy to launch as possible, especially in stronger winds. Take-offs are a critical stage of the flight, so it’s really important that the wing comes up progressively, smoothly and is not too energetic for the pilot. A majority of pilots have limited flying hours and need low risk flying without losing the fun factor. For these pilots, we know the Accura 4 delivers what we set out to achieve.”

105(XL), 60(S), 70(M), 90(L)

Glider NameAccura 4Accura 4Accura 4Accura 4
Min Weight (kg)607590105
Max Weight (kg)8095110135
Single Surface----
Number of Cells46464646
Glider Weight (kg)4.304.604.805.10
Projected Area (m2)20.2521.9023.4625.38
Flat Area (m2)23.1024.8826.6628.83
Projected Span (m)----
Flat Span (m)----
Projected Aspect Ratio----
Flat Aspect Ratio5.

Pro-Design Accura 4

Product Attributes

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