The SCOUT is a high performance sports class wing for XC pilots looking for both performance and ease of use.
Performance. Pleasure. Precision. Fun.
The SCOUT designed by renowned Alexandre Paux is the new sport wing from Pro-design and was born to chase the horizon. It was developed for XC pilots looking to go the extra mile, with exceptional precision, comfort and a great passive safety compared to the level of performance it delivers. Just for the sheer pleasure of it, reach out and scout those distant peeks, rise above and touch the clouds. Only then will you fully appreciate the performance and well-balanced nature of this outstanding EN-B class machine.
With an aspect ratio of 5.7 and 61 cells, the SCOUT is a sport wing which offers great stability, into wind glide and has outstanding performance over the entire speed range excelling in both turbulence and headwinds. Our R&D team has created a wing that is well balanced and performance orientated for those XC flights we all dream about. The SCOUT is a wing for the most demanding XC pilots in terms of safety, handling, performance, precision and 100% fun to fly factor.




» Predictable inflation in all wind conditions
» Well balanced usable performance
» Ease of controlling on the ground
» Excellent performance over the entire speed range
» Very stable, especially on speed bar
» Well-damped pitch in strong conditions
» Good climbing ability
» Great passive safety compared to the level of performance
» Superior performance in both weak and strong conditions
» Very good into wind speed and penetration
» Most of all confidence inspiring and a 100% fun to fly
» A reliable XC partner


100% usable performance
Our primary design objective was to create a wing which optimizes both its ability to climb in thermals and provide the highest level of safety for the pilot. Its speed and penetration into wind are outstanding. The airflow through the SCOUT is well balanced and sensitive, providing great feedback, giving you confidence in allowing you to focus on the essentials, even in the most challenging conditions. The feel of this wing is sensational, almost playful, with its precise handling and feedback making it a BLAST to fly.
In our opinion and from what we have experienced, the SCOUT is the easiest, well balanced, fun to fly XC glider currently available in the mid to higher end B class.
We are confident that the SCOUT has a perfect combination of safety, performance, fun factor and handling creating a new class, the comfort-high performance class!
Let’s go FLY…

70(S), 80(M), 90(L)

Glider NameScoutScoutScout
Min Weight (kg)708090
Max Weight (kg)90100115
Single Surface---
Number of Cells616161
Glider Weight (kg)4.204.504.80
Projected Area (m2)20.5221.9623.43
Flat Area (m2)23.3625.0026.67
Projected Span (m)---
Flat Span (m)---
Projected Aspect Ratio---
Flat Aspect Ratio5.705.705.70

Pro-Design Scout

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