The X-FIRE Powerglider is a safe, stable and fun-to-fly glider with agile and quick handling pleasing the pilot from the first flight! With easy ground handling and optimum launch behavior , quick inflation and coming overhead.

Combined with the forgiving general flight characteristic makes the X-FIRE suitable for a wide range of pilots – from the every day and experienced, to the low airtime and beginner pilots.

Thanks to the OPTIFLEX® technology the pilot can comfortably accelerate the glider to gain higher speed for longer straight cruise and XC flights by setting the profile accordingly. The additional speed system allows pilots to reach top speed in non turbulent conditions and can be safely used when trimmers are in neutral position. This is an important safety feature. If there is a departure from accelerated flight, the recovery characteristics will be better with the trims in the slow, neutral position. The tip steering feature gives a great option for small and flat turns during cruise and accelerated flight without slowing the wing down which is what happens when using the regular steering brake

OPTIFLEX® is a Flare <=> Reflex adjustment system allowing the pilot to alter the profile shape in an optimum way for best lift at take off, for best flare and low speed during approach and landing, and for setting the profile to “speed” during cruise flight

» Easy zero wind inflation
» Short take off distance
» Easy zero wind inflation
» Short take off distance
» Effective flare for soft landings
» Ease of use
» High efficiency performance
» High cruise and top speed
» Excellent stability in turbulence
» Precise handling
» Suitable for most power units
» Trim riser
» Speed system
» Tip steering
» Unique cool canopy design
» Optiflex®

105(L), 70(S), 90(M)

Glider NameX-FireX-FireX-Fire
Min Weight (kg)7090105
Max Weight (kg)125140160
Single Surface---
Number of Cells535353
Glider Weight (kg)4.805.005.20
Projected Area (m2)21.9823.4425.30
Flat Area (m2)24.7526.3928.48
Projected Span (m)---
Flat Span (m)---
Projected Aspect Ratio---
Flat Aspect Ratio5.505.505.50

Pro-Design X-Fire

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