AYA 2 is our new Comfort Line, a mid to high-end EN A glider, that inspires confidence and offers truly usable performance to novice and intermediate pilots looking for top passive safety. AYA 2 is the result of more than 30 years of experience with the construction of safe gliders that help their pilots to improve and enjoy their airtime.

We at SKY know how important a pilots’ first wing is. It should instill confidence and have predictable behavior. At the same time, it should be the right choice for many future flights, with good performance and fine handling. An assurance of safety is the key to mastering each flight, while the performance of the AYA 2 and its intuitive handling opens doors to more ambitious and longer-lasting thermal and XC flights.

The AYA 2 puts a big smile on every pilots’ face whether they are a novice exploring the third dimension or a seasoned veteran in search of maximum comfort and safety.

Taking off with the AYA 2 is child’s play. The canopy inflates swiftly, raises smoothly over the pilot and provides immediate lift. It remains easy to correct and control, should a gust or a crosswind complicate the manoeuvre.

Progressive and precise handling allows the pilot to core thermals with high efficiency, however, the general behavior remains forgiving to unbalanced or brisk inputs on the brakes.

The AYA 2 is assembled with strong, long-lasting materials, while the smartly designed inner architecture of the canopy helps to achieve a fairly low weight (all sizes between 4 & 5 kg).

This combination of favourable properties makes AYA2 the perfect choice for novice and weekend pilots.

So, give it a try and get airborne flying AYA 2!

AYA 2 is a Comfort Line, mid to high EN A glider, that offers truly usable performance to novice and intermediate pilots looking for top passive safety. Its progressive and precise handling provides great fun and incredible efficiency to core thermals. The canopy is stable in pitch and keeps a perfect glide even into headwind allowing for long transitions on XC flights.

Why do pilots like AYA 2?

  • One colour for each row of lines and a reduced number of them makes clearing them and the pre-flight check a piece of cake.
  • AYA 2 remains extremely easy to inflate, even in nil wind conditions. Its exceptional behaviour will make the difference on a tricky take-off or in demanding wind conditions.
  • Once inflated the wing stays above the pilots’ head, so your mind can focus on other essential aspects.
  • AYA 2 has the highest safety rating available, its reactions to front and side collapses are tamed and the canopy reopens quickly on its own.
  • AYA 2 provides a blend of simple use, intuitive behaviour, high safety and extraordinary performance and gives low airtime pilots peace of mind throughout their flights. If you do not have much time to fly, do not quit flying completely, fly an AYA 2 and have fun!

Main features:

  • Reinforced “RLE“ Leading Edge – nylon rods in the leading edge keep the cells open at all times resulting in faster inflation.
  • The soft nylon rods are now slightly set back into the canopy to protect the fabric in cases of rough ground contact over the leading edge.
  • 3D shaping of the leading edge. Sky Paragliders has been using this technology since 2004 to achieve a cleaner surface of the canopy and therefore improve the performance.
  • The well-proven simple three-riser concept with split As.
  • Made of durable fabric.
  • Lightweight – only 4.55 kg for M size.
  • Six bright colour combinations that are pleasing to the eye and easy to spot in the air – an important feature for passive safety.

Package includes:

  • EYRIE 2 L backpack.  Well-cushioned back, shoulder and waist parts for more comfort. Conveniently placed pockets. Internal retaining strap.
  • T-shirt SKY TEAM. In Sky, a T-shirt gets as much attention as a paraglider. T-shirts are designed, cut, sewn and printed by us, in our manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic. They are made of cotton and bamboo fibres for comfort and durability.
  • Handy kit – a glider repair kit for quick repairs. It contains a versatile tool and self-adhesive Skytex.

L, M, S, XL, XS

Technical Data

Glider NameAya 2Aya 2Aya 2Aya 2Aya 2
Min Weight (kg)50607590105
Max Weight (kg)728095110130
Single Surface-----
Number of Cells3737373737
Glider Weight (kg)
Projected Area (m2)19.1120.6822.3624.1926.16
Flat Area (m2)21.6023.3625.2727.3329.56
Projected Span (m)8.348.679.029.389.75
Flat Span (m)10.0610.4610.8811.3211.77
Projected Aspect Ratio3.643.643.643.643.64
Flat Aspect Ratio4.694.694.694.694.69

Sky Aya 2

Product Attributes

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