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A predictable wing that is equally suited to sharing acro passion with pedestrians as it is to teaching aspiring acro pilots .

Acro wings need to be fast, precise and dynamic. With tandems, other qualities such as easy takeoff and reliable landing characteristics are mandatory. These features combined with low drag forces and intuitive handling make the KOOKY 2 Bi the easiest to understand acro tandem wing on the market.

But don’t be fooled: The KOOKY 2 Bi is suitable for maneuvers such as rhythmic SAT to Infinity and tumbling!

The character of the KOOKY 2 Bi differs depending on the wing loading: higher take-off weights bring more speed and more dynamic handling, while lighter duos can give the wing more punch with the trimmers. At the beginning of flying with the KOOKY 2 Bi we recommend a lower wing loading (= light passenger) to get used to the glider before it gets serious with a high load.

Target group:

  • professional tandem pilots with experience flying acro solo wings
  • Acro teachers who want to show their students intros and exits

Main Features:

  • easy launch because the KOOKY 2 Bi takes off reliably even without high speed
  • easy and predictable (low wing loading) or fast and dynamic (high wing loading) maneuver transitions
  • sufficient power for advanced flight maneuvers
  • transparent, forgiving and intuitive flight behavior
  • high passive safety
  • easy landing


Technical Data

Minimum Weight (kg)110
Maximum Weight (kg)220
Glider Weight (kg)12.00
Number of Cells50
Projected Area (m^2)26.98
Flat Area (m^2)33.00
Projected Span (m)10.77
Flat Span (m)13.18
Projected Aspect Ratio4.30
Flat Aspect Ratio0.00
Root Chord (m)0.00

Sky Kooky 2 Bi


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