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The game changer. All-terrain reflex paramotor wing. Raise your limits. Widen your comfort zone. Discover a sense of control that defies such performance. This is what makes flying ZORRO absolute fun.

The game changer. All-terrain reflex paramotor wing. Raise your limits. Widen your comfort zone. Discover a sense of control that defies such performance.

This is what makes flying ZORRO absolute fun.

ZORRO utilizes our SAFS (Skyflex Active Foil System) design. SAFS is our reflex foil design which enables ZORRO to possess a high top speed even with low to moderate wing loadings, together with a foil that remains solid even if the brakes are accidentally applied at full speed; an extremely crucial part of the philosophy of our Power Series design team, and Just one of the many features which makes ZORRO well suited to reflex newbies as well as with the experts.

DGAC certified and aimed at the intermediate to expert PPG pilot, ZORRO is for those pillots who are looking for a reflex wing that can be flown fast, yet with the ability to also offer efficiency and fun too, along with manageable take-off and landing speeds.

Our wide recommended weight ranges allow for you to choose the most suitable wing for your addiction. Matching pilot skill level with the correct balance of wing size and power are important factors to consider.

Performance and handling characteristics of ZORRO, and thus pilot skill level suitability, are very much driven by wing loading. Our ‘optimum comfort’ loadings are therefore displayed in the technical specifications as a guide so you can match your pilot skill to the desired wing loading.

Key features:

  • SAFS profile
  • reinforced composite leading edge
  • skytex fabric
  • large speed range
  • high max speed
  • tip steering

22, 24, 26, 28

Technical Data

Minimum Weight (kg)60708090
Maximum Weight (kg)110120130160
Glider Weight (kg)5.505.706.006.20
Number of Cells54545454
Projected Area (m^2)18.6020.2922.0023.68
Flat Area (m^2)22.0024.0026.0028.00
Projected Span (m)8.769.159.539.89
Flat Span (m)11.0011.5211.9012.44
Projected Aspect Ratio4.
Flat Aspect Ratio5.535.535.535.53
Root Chord (m)

Sky Zorro


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