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X-ALPS – The success story continues!

Our ultra-lightweight high-performance gliders regularly set the tone at hike & fly competitions. With the XALPS3, we wrote aviation sports history in 2017: four of the five best-ranked Red Bull X-Alps athletes flew our gliders – including the winner.

The X-ALPS4 is a complete redesign – developed with the technological know-how of our R&D team and the intense experience of our X-Alps athletes. All it has in common with its predecessor are its 6.99 aspect ratio and certification for EN/LTF D. Dimensionally stable Rigid Foils and a highly complex internal design enable an extremely stable wing with extremely high pitch stability for on-bar gliding, and maximum resistance to collapses at high speeds and in turbulent thermals.

We deliberately chose a 3-line concept for the X-ALPS4, which, in our view, is currently the best symbiosis of high performance, low weight and ease of use. Thus, the new X-ALPS4 is not only a tool for the athletes of the 2019 Red Bull-X-Alps on their more than 1000-kilometer long route from Salzburg to Monaco, but also for all XC pilots looking for a performant and extremely well-balanced racing wing.

How does the X-ALPS4 fly?

The X-ALPS4 is a high-performance glider with a high fun factor. Its dynamically playful handling seduces you to exploit the full potential of the day, no matter how difficult the conditions.

The ease of use starts at launch. The clear line setup and the redesigned Dyneema risers make it even easier to prepare for launch compared to its predecessor. Even with a slight tailwind, the canopy of the X-ALPS4 kites evenly and remains stable. That makes launching in challenging terrain even easier.

In the air, the X-ALPS4 will impress you with its pronounced pitch stability. Its performance is easy to access and the glider is amazingly stress-free to fly. When flying on-bar, you can correct nick movements with the advanced Speed ​​Control extremely efficiently, and control in turbulent air at high speeds requires less effort. In thermals, the wing gives you excellent feedback via the brakes. Control pressure is lower and brake line travel is longer compared to its predecessor, which significantly increases flying comfort.

The technical data with a 6.99 aspect ratio and 82 cells guarantee a real race feeling. Combined with its stable flight characteristics and low weight, the X-ALPS4 is the first choice for all hike & fly competition pilots as well as for uncompromising XC hunters!


M, S, XS

Minimum Weight (kg)707085
Maximum Weight (kg)8595105
Glider Weight (kg)3.503.703.90
Number of Cells828282
Projected Area (m^2)17.4918.3419.27
Flat Area (m^2)20.7021.7022.80
Projected Span (m)9.719.9410.19
Flat Span (m)12.0412.3212.63
Projected Aspect Ratio5.405.405.40
Flat Aspect Ratio6.996.996.99
Root Chord (m)

Skywalk X-Alps 4


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