The new paramotor Effect XT was designed for adventure-loving pilots.  No matter if the day is promissing for long distance XC flights, for freeride or for the classic FAI competition categories, this wing has been developed for all kinds of challenge.

With the Effect XT, Sol Paragliders increases its Paramotorwing portfolio and creates a XT-Series (extended technology), means the application and fine-tuning of the technologies on the market maintaining comfort and safety.

This merging of the latest technologies enables the introduction of new control techniques, new materials, and enhancement of performance and safety.

And SOL didn’t forget the main thing: safety and easy handling. All controls are close to the pilot, different coloured and easy to handle. All inputs are executed as usual, without the need of additional movements. They can be carried out together in accordance to the respective necessities or corresponding to the weather conditions.

Flight characteristics

  • With new construction technologies the weight, volume and drag (Vectran competition lines) have been reduced.
  • The Dual command system makes it possible to operate wide and plane turns or steer and inclined ones.
  • The risers are designed for easy use.
  • Start and inflation are easy in little space.
  • The landing is very easy with the prolonged ground effect moment thus helping with the stall, causing less impact when touching the ground.
  • The use of Full Reflex Technology decreases the possibility of collapse.
  • The velocity increases due to Reflex Technology.
In short, the Effect XT is an equipment to satisfy the needs and demands of paramotor pilots who want more performance, easy handling and safety.

New Tools

The new Effect XT piloting tools are creating a more precise handling, facilitating all kinds of flight style. The introduction of wing flaps to improve the performance in thermals and a double acceleration system assists in dynamic turns, allows the pilot to fly with safety and maneuverability at both, minimum and maximum speed.  New 2D brake handles increase the dynamic movements and enables closed curves in high speed movements in order to the pilot effectively fit in with his flight and goal.  High quality materials, such as thin lines and lightweight fabrics, allow a flawless and easy start. If it comes to performance, there is yet more gliding performance and an increase of speed.


L, M, S, XL, XS, XXS

Technical Data

Glider NameEffect XTEffect XTEffect XTEffect XTEffect XTEffect XT
Min Weight (kg)607080100115135
Max Weight (kg)105120135150165180
Single Surface------
Number of Cells535353535353
Glider Weight (kg)
Projected Area (m2)14.4515.5416.4818.2420.0922.03
Flat Area (m2)17.1218.4219.5321.6123.8026.10
Projected Span (m)7.828.118.358.789.229.65
Flat Span (m)9.7210.0810.3810.9211.4612.00
Projected Aspect Ratio4.
Flat Aspect Ratio5.525.525.525.525.525.52

Sol Effect XT

Product Attributes


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