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LT 2 EN C – XC Sport

New level of performance in the C category, the LT 2 is the successor of the paraglider that took the 2 Lines technology to a larger group of pilots – the big news now is that it is lighter and EN C homologated.

Intended for experienced pilots who have already passed through categories A and B and are looking for great flights or pilots who fly frequently in categories C and D or even CCC.

Test Fly Review

Testing of the LT 2 by the biggest reference in independent paragliding tests in the world

Ziad Bassil, from the well known blog Dust of the Universe, which is a reference to more than 15 years of independent tests of sailing, always using as reference the paragliders of the class, tested the smallest of the LT 2 versions, the S size, and concluded that it is simply the highest performing C-glider on the market today.

Ziad Bassil concluded on testing the LT 2:

‘In my humble opinion, I think SOL has created their best C glider to date! Not only that, the LT2 so far has an ‘edge’ over all certified class C paragliders out there.
There will be a new crop of 2 lines coming up, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they come up with.’

‘By now, I realized that the SOL LT 2, is a true 2-line C paraglider with a solid structure, impressive climb rate, good agility, incredible top speed, quite comfortable for the keen C pilot, and it sure holds the trophy for best gliding C paraglider to date, December 10, 2022, as I write this review.’

‘Happy and safe landings everyone :-)’

flight characteristics


With 6.25 of elongation and 66 cells, the LT 2 is the synthesis of all technological knowledge in a C sail ahead of its time. With pilotage and safety similar to the category, but with superior performance due to the 2-line concept.

The LT 2 is the choice for anyone looking for the high performance that only 2-line technology can offer without giving up the ease of a sail in category C.


L, M, S, XL

Technical Data

Minimum Weight (kg)8090100110
Maximum Weight (kg)95105115130
Glider Weight (kg)5.605.906.306.60
Number of Cells66666666
Projected Area (m^2)20.1321.4022.9224.73
Flat Area (m^2)23.4024.8726.6428.74
Projected Span (m)9.7610.0710.4210.82
Flat Span (m)12.1012.4712.9113.41
Projected Aspect Ratio4.734.734.734.73
Flat Aspect Ratio6.
Root Chord (m)

Sol LT 2


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