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The LT 1 is the first paraglider in the XC Sport Performance class using 2-line technology.

It´s a Cross Country wing designed for a wide range of pilots. Suitable for those stepping up the EN B categories and for more experienced pilots who seek comfort and ease of use at the performance XC class.

We developed the LT 1 as a trendsetter cross-country-sports-performance wing with a 2-line concept and the associated stability and higher performance for a variety of pilots.

As a well-respected manufacturer of gliders for 30 years, we develop wings for group of pilots and our customers have great trust in our recommendations.

Following this methodology, we have placed the LT 1 as a 2-liner in the classic sports performance class, with CCC certification.

LT 1 offers a larger group of pilots the technology restricted to pilots who have a lot of experience and fly with high frequency.  The knowledge of this new technology and the sum of the latest development and construction techniques have greatly improved the 2-line paraglider projects by creating a new class of more stable and higher performance paragliders.

Flight Characteristics

With 6.25 aspect ratio and 66 cells, the LT 1 equals a classic EN C glider, with comparable handling and passive safety but with vastly superior performance due to the 2-line concept.

An experienced pilot will immediately feel comfortable. The LT 1 demonstrates high stability especially in accelerated flight and builds confidence in tough conditions.


L, M, S, XL, XS

Technical Data

Minimum Weight (kg)708090100110
Maximum Weight (kg)8595105115130
Glider Weight (kg)5.405.806.206.606.80
Number of Cells6666666666
Projected Area (m^2)18.7120.1321.4022.9224.73
Flat Area (m^2)21.7423.4024.8726.6428.74
Projected Span (m)9.419.7610.0710.4210.82
Flat Span (m)11.6612.1012.4712.9113.41
Projected Aspect Ratio4.734.734.734.734.73
Flat Aspect Ratio6.
Root Chord (m)

Sol LT1


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