Accessible and reassuring, the LEAF 3 is the ultimate progression wing. Its playful behavior has been reworked compared to the 2nd generation for better performance in thermals and greater piloting comfort, even in turbulent conditions.

EN-B approved, the LEAF 3 accompanies the pilot in his progression in all serenity thanks to a solid structure and a large control travel. Tolerant and comfortable, it is the ideal teammate to discover new horizons in flight without ever compromising on safety.

Weight : 4.70 kg in size M

About the LEAF 3

You are a progressing pilot, you have been flying for hours and hours under your school wing flight and you are starting to feel the limits of your EN-A ? It’s time to upgrade to a LEAF 3!

Designed to offer a playful behavior while guaranteeing a high degree of passive High degree of passive safetythis new generation of the LEAF lineage returns with an improved design .

Thanks to the improved roll and yaw coordination, the LEAF 3’s turn-in is more intuitive, making it easier to optimize theLift / thermic. The wing is more stable on the roll axisThe wing is more stable on the roll axis, even in accelerated flight , so you can concentrate on the really important information in the air mass. The large control range makes the LEAF 3 tolerant and allows the pilot to pilot to exploit the full speed range of the wing speed range of the wing in safety.

These elements make the LEAF 3 a particularly high-performance wing performant in flight thermal thanks to a comfortable comfortable and intuitive for pilots in progress. In addition to being an asset in small conditions, this steering precision allows the LEAF 3 to take you a long way in your progression in cross-country.

Pass under a LEAF 3, it is the Warranty to continue your learning under a wing player and reassuring that will take you your progress. It will teach you to refine your piloting while remaining indulgent. Here is what you need to have to have fun in complete safety for many, many hours at flight.


L, M, ML, S, XS

Glider NameLeaf 3Leaf 3Leaf 3Leaf 3Leaf 3
Min Weight (kg)50658090105
Max Weight (kg)7085105115130
Single Surface-----
Number of Cells4949494949
Glider Weight (kg)4.104.404.705.005.40
Projected Area (m2)17.2220.1622.4324.3626.04
Flat Area (m2)20.5024.0026.7029.0041.40
Projected Span (m)8.178.849.339.7210.05
Flat Span (m)10.4411.2911.9112.4112.83
Projected Aspect Ratio3.883.883.883.883.88
Flat Aspect Ratio5.355.355.355.355.35

SupAir Leaf 3

Product Attributes

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