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…the game changer!

With the genes of our successful and field-proven SPHERA RS, the LIBRA RS is the semi-lightweight and easier-to-pilot version of our current high-performance ski.

With a designed aspect ratio of 6.9 and a canopy weight from 3.7 kg, the LIBRA RS is probably one of the finest blades in the sky of the new 2-line sport class. Even if we had to rub our eyes in disbelief when reviewing the test flight logs, the ratings of the flight maneuvers should not hide the fact that the LIBRA RS is aimed at experts who want to use their aircraft at the highest level of performance.

The LIBRA RS offers you maximum reliability and thus a lot of safety in the new EN-C 2-line class. In this way, take-offs and landings are successful even in difficult terrain or when the wind conditions are not quite optimal. In flight, RAST ensures high stability and pronounced directional stability and is a guarantee for fatigue-free flying over long distances – even under demanding conditions. As with its “big brother”, the SPHERA RS, RAST also helps you with the LIBRA RS to have the best flight experience through maximum control and comfort.

Who is the LIBRA RS for?

We developed the LIBRA RS for experienced adventure and XC pilots who are looking for the performance of a 2-line liner without having to forego the safety of the EN-C sport class.
Thanks to the intelligent, semi-light and compact design, the LIBRA RS is still robust enough for extended hike & XC fly tours and everyday use. With RAST you have maximum control in every situation to get the most out of your flying day.


L, ML, S, SM, XS

Minimum Weight (kg)708090100110
Maximum Weight (kg)8090100110120
Glider Weight (kg)3.703.804.004.204.40
Number of Cells6565656565
Projected Area (m^2)17.0018.0019.3020.8022.30
Flat Area (m^2)20.0021.0022.5024.2026.00
Projected Span (m)9.409.609.9010.3010.70
Flat Span (m)11.6012.0012.4012.9013.30
Projected Aspect Ratio5.
Flat Aspect Ratio6.906.906.906.906.90
Root Chord (m)

Swing Libra RS


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