Experience the revelation that is the pure performance of a 2-liner combined with the flight comfort and control of RAST!

With the Sphera RS, our patented RAST system enters the high-performance class for the first time by offering a completely new flying experience. It has never been easier and so comfortable to pilot a 2-liner and to exploit its full performance potential. That’s why the Sphera RS is the first choice for ambitious XC pilots as well as aspiring competition pilots who want to enter the 2-liner class and raise themselves to a higher level. RAST helps you to focus completely on your flying task in order to get the most out of the day.

We first put RAST in our paragliders that were certificated A through to C and it soon proved its worth in practice. Therefore it was a logical step to think that it should also have unique advantages to offer pilots of 2 liners too.We suspected that in regards to canopy control, especially when there are only two sets of lines, it would be reassuring for the pilot to know there was a unique element between the line levels that stabilised the canopy and counteracted the spread of any canopy deformations.

Initial experimental flights quickly confirmed our suspicions, but the basic requirements for a 2-liner were so high that the right framework conditions first had to be created in order to push the project forward in a meaningful way. Almost two years ago, Maurizio Bottegal, our long-standing Italian importer and former competition pilot, approached us with his wish for an uncomplicated XC 2-liner, combining the advantages of a 2-liner with the advantages of RAST.

Together with a team of experienced XC and competition pilots used to flying two liners, he offered to help us with the development and extensive tests and comparison flights that would be required.

All this with the aim of being able to offer demanding and ambitious XC pilots a reliable cross-country wing at the highest performance level, where the full performance potential can be utilised as easily as possible.

Our designer and test pilot, Alessio Casolla, was immediately fascinated by the idea of combining 2-liner technology with RAST to make it accessible to a wider range of pilots. With a lot of enthusiasm, the Sphera RS has now been brought to market by SWING and this team of passionate pilots. The first feedback, both from C-class pilots and 2-liner pilots, confirms our impression and reports a remarkable 2 liner XC wing that is coherent and easy to pilot. a coherent and easy-to-pilot overall package.

With an aspect ratio of 6.9, the Sphera RS underlines its hight-performance class claim.
But anyone who takes a closer look at the test flight reports will immediately notice what an exceptional EN-D wing the Sphera RS is.
We are excited to see what development potential the combination of 2-liner technology and RAST has to offer for other paraglider categories…

Who is the SPHERA RS for?

We developed the Sphera RS for XC record hunters who want to live their passion at competition level. RAST gives you maximum control in every situation to get the most out of your flying day.


L, ML, S, SM

Glider NameSphera RSSphera RSSphera RSSphera RS
Min Weight (kg)758595105
Max Weight (kg)90100110120
Single Surface----
Number of Cells75757575
Glider Weight (kg)5.305.605.906.20
Projected Area (m2)18.0019.3020.8022.30
Flat Area (m2)21.0022.5024.2026.00
Projected Span (m)9.7010.0010.4010.80
Flat Span (m)11.9912.4112.8713.34
Projected Aspect Ratio5.
Flat Aspect Ratio6.906.906.906.90

Swing Sphera RS

Product Attributes

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