The development of the Stellar RS had one goal: To create an exceptional High B-wing that combines the best of two classes.

For this ambitious endeavour, our designer Alessio Casolla drew upon his extensive experience of 2-liner technology from the C-class.

Equipped with the canopy structure of our Libra RS and a proven 2-liner profile, the Stellar RS targets XC specialists with the highest performance demands. So that you are still able to take full advantage of the reliability and flight comfort of the B-class while you’re chasing those kilometres, we used our popular Nyos 2 RS as a reference during extensive flight testing in this respect.

The result:

The Stellar RS combines the performance of the Libra RS with the reliability of the Nyos 2 RS and, through its sprightliness and speed, has its very own character. The weight-reduced yet durable design extends the range of use and ensures that you will enjoy your Stellar RS for a long time.


L, ML, S, SM

Glider NameStellar RSStellar RSStellar RSStellar RS
Min Weight (kg)65758595
Max Weight (kg)8595108119
Single Surface----
Number of Cells57575757
Glider Weight (kg)3.904.104.304.50
Projected Area (m2)19.6021.1022.3023.80
Flat Area (m2)22.9024.5026.0027.70
Projected Span (m)9.409.7010.0010.30
Flat Span (m)11.6012.0012.3012.70
Projected Aspect Ratio4.504.504.504.50
Flat Aspect Ratio5.805.805.805.80

Swing Stellar RS

Product Attributes

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