“When work is a pleasure, life is a joy.”
(Quote: Maxim Gorky)

With the TWIN 3 RS, you can share your joy and help your passengers to experience unforgettable moments of happiness!

For a professional tandem pilot, there are few things more fulfilling than flying with one’s own children. Alessio Casolla, our designer, constructor, and passionate tandem pilot, has poured all his joy about the birth of his first son into the development of the TWIN 3 RS. To this end, he named the project after his son “Levante” and set out to develop a tandem paraglider that not only brings fun in the hard-working everyday life of a tandem pilot but also guarantees carefree and unforgettable flying moments, for pilot and passenger, when used for leisure flying too.

The TWIN 3 RS is a brand new design which has excellent launching characteristics even in challenging situations. To facilitate longer tandem flying days without fatigue, the TWIN 3 RS supports you with reduced brake pressure, high flight comfort, and playfully, easy handling. Our proven RAST system, specifically optimised for the specific requirements of tandem flying, gives you as a pilot, maximum control in every situation.

Thanks to the sophisticated canopy curvature, we were able to achieve a particularly harmonious balance between roll damping and handling. This way, you always convey a safe feeling of flight to your passenger, even in turbulent air.

The optimised profile and new form of the canopy allow for a safe landing, with a light and powerful flare. Making the TWIN 3 RS a “well-rounded package” for unforgettable flying experiences.



Glider NameTwin RS 3
Min Weight (kg)130
Max Weight (kg)230
Single Surface-
Number of Cells53
Glider Weight (kg)7.90
Projected Area (m2)35.80
Flat Area (m2)41.90
Projected Span (m)12.00
Flat Span (m)15.10
Projected Aspect Ratio4.00
Flat Aspect Ratio5.50

Swing Twin RS 3

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